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Touch of the Human Kind

Human touch is one of the most effective ways humans connect with each other, the sensation is like no other.

The way we live our lives in the modern world - high speed, high pressure, limited time, increase in technology creating even busier deadlines - leaves precious little time for ourselves or each other and that all important connection of meaningful loving touch.

Man in pursuit of ever greater technological advancement will undoubtedly come up with some "solution" to our separation and the loss of touch of another human as we seem driven further apart, but could this ever replace skin on skin contact? We don't think so and here is why ;

  • We share something in touch no app could ever replicate, the way we feel from the most intimate moment to a formal handshake, to a greeting a long lost friend - in that moment we are connected, a shared moment. This has the ability to bring people together and it creates new bonds everytime we experience another's touch.

  • Relationships thrive on human touch - without the first touches relationships are unlikely to blossom. Ongoing physical touch in a relationship is critically important to its longevity.

  • Humans communicate in many different ways and sometimes we need more than one form of communication. Touch has the ability to be strong and powerful, like giving a much needed hug, or gentle and caring, with a light touch of the hand.

  • We are made of energy and this is passed on with every touch thus positive emotions are transferred giving those that share this experience meaningful contact resulting in happy feelings and emotions.

  • Many different practitioners use touch to heal our bodies - physiotherapists, acupressure, massage, craniosacral, chiropractic and such like. Touch of a therapeutic nature is necessary to bring about healing. .

It is therefore essential to maintain physical touch to keep our relationships healthier and happier. Here at Nude Therapy we specialise in human touch and the benefits it brings especially to those who are less confident or who have yet to experience the wonders of gentle loving human contact. Come experience this wonderful energy.


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