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Tantra Colour Types

You might have heard of different Tantra colour types while seeking Tantra practice and healing. Indeed, in Tantra, colors are often associated with specific aspects of practice, energy centers (chakras), and symbolism. While it's important to note that Tantra is a diverse and complex tradition with many different schools and practices worldwide, here is a our little generalized overview of how colors may be associated with different types of Tantra:

  1. Red Tantra: Red is often associated with passion, energy, and the physical body. Red Tantra practices typically focus on the physical aspect of Tantra, including techniques for enhancing sexual pleasure and intimacy. These practices may involve rituals, meditations, and exercises aimed at awakening and channeling sexual energy (Kundalini) for personal growth and spiritual connection. We are happy to let you experience our version of Red Tantra through Yab Yum Traditional Traditional Pose with its connecting, breath work and gently rocking properties. Try it and see. Intimate, soul warming yet safe.

  2. White Tantra: White is associated with purity, clarity, and spiritual awakening. White Tantra practices are often more meditative and contemplative in nature, emphasizing self-awareness, mindfulness, and transcendence of ego. These practices may involve visualization, breathwork, and mantra chanting to purify the mind and cultivate inner peace. For example, there are weekend White Tantra workshops in France (besides other countries) where participants gather and practice eye gazing meditation for 12 hours a day, with multiple breaks. We offer little short taster of this intense workshop built into our genuine Tantra session where you can opt for Eye Gazing Meditation lasting anywhere from 2-30min if you wish and see what this does for you :)

  3. Pink Tantra: is often considered the middle path between White and Red Tantra, blending individual meditation practices with partner exercises. While sexual energy is an integral part of Pink Tantra, it doesn't involve sexual acts. Instead, the focus is on opening the heart chakra, healing, and cultivating love and consciousness. In Pink Tantra, the emphasis is on developing body awareness and learning to love without attachment or expectation. One's sexual energy is transformed and merged with the stream of love and life energy. This merging of souls, both for pleasure and enlightenment, fosters a deep connection with oneself, one's partner, and existence as a whole. Ultimately, Pink Tantra teaches us to embrace love and connection in all its forms, whether it's self-love, intimacy with a partner, or a connection with the universe. It's about growing in love, expanding consciousness, and experiencing the profound beauty of existence. In our Tantric Massage we give you a loving, caring and healing massage for you to love you self on a deeper level on your consciousness expanding journey.

  4. Black Tantra: Black is associated with power, transformation, and the shadow aspects of consciousness. Black Tantra practices may involve working with the darker aspects of human experience, including desires, fears, and attachments. These practices may include rituals, visualizations, and confrontational exercises aimed at integrating and transcending the shadow self to achieve spiritual liberation. We think it is good to include all spectrum of emotions and feelings, including the dark shadows, as life itself is not only about light, continuous happiness and contentment. Experiencing black shades in our Dark Tantra massage session may put a new perspective onto your self and bring about a new form of release never felt before.

  5. Green Tantra: Green is associated with harmony, balance, and growth. Green Tantra practices often focus on healing and rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit. These practices may involve working with natural elements, including earth natural metals, herbs and plants to restore balance and vitality to the individual and the environment. Green Tantra may also emphasize connection with nature and the cycles of life. You may want to try our Tantric Sound Healing where your loving therapist uses special sound vibrational healing bowls made out of natural elements combinations of iron, gold, silver, copper, zinc, tin, lead for seven chakras.

  6. Blue Tantra: Blue is associated with communication, intuition, and spiritual insight. Blue Tantra practices may focus on the development of psychic abilities, intuitive awareness, and higher consciousness. These practices may involve meditation, visualization, and energy work to expand perception and access deeper levels of spiritual wisdom.

  7. Yellow Tantra: Yellow is associated with intellect, wisdom, and divine knowledge. Yellow Tantra practices may focus on the cultivation of mental clarity, discernment, and spiritual understanding. These practices may involve study, contemplation, and dialogue with teachers or spiritual guides to deepen insight and wisdom.

Please bear in mind our dear Tantra seeker that It is important to recognize that these color associations are symbolic and may vary depending on the specific tradition or lineage of Tantra being practiced.

You may want to include several different aspects into your 2-3 hrs long Tantra session with its various elements and techniques or if time does not allow opt for the more elemental Sensual Massage. We trust you know well what suits your individual needs and spiritual goals and if not you can always discuss a little more when in session.

With much love,

N T London xx


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