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Is this incall or outcall/mobile treatments?

We offer both incall service locations in Central London, zone 1 (London Bridge/Marylebone in therapists's designated lovely private and discreet studios/apartments or in hotels and private residences in Central London.

What are the boundaries please?

The focus of the cuddle and massage session is essentially on gentle togetherness, connection through touch and the nurturing, nourishing, loving, healing touch during cuddling, massage and other session types. . As much as skin on skin contact is main part of the session, including sensuality,  you are in a receiving role and being looked after. Your therapists' boundaries are always to be respected. There is 300%  never any intercourse or any oral activities involved. For any oral service needed please get in touch with your dentist asap. 

What if I get aroused during my cuddle and massage session?

It is normal to get aroused and towards the end of your nude/topless cuddling and/or sensual massage or any other of our session types you can opt for a delicate soulful lingam massage with an optional and included hand assisted energy relief which will make you feel lighter both in mind and body.


How much notice is required to arrange my session booking?

We will aim to accommodate your booking time slot request. However given we tend to be busy on most days, this is not always possible. We strongly recommend to arrange your session as soon as possible to get your most ideal nude therapy time slot. 

What do I need to do to arrange a session?

Please contact us to make a booking. We will need the following:


1) Your name

2) Ideal date and time

3) Type of session and ideal duration

4) Your choice of therapist

5) Incall (London Bridge or Marylebone) or Outcall location (Hotels in Central London, zone 1)


Upon receiving this information we can then confirm your booking. We often require a re-confirmation of your appointment on the day of appointment by 10/11am upon which we share address information. 

Can I touch my therapist anywhere during the session?

We provide our sessions in a safe, soothing, relaxed environment and with dedicated, friendly and warm therapists who are passionate about what they do and enjoy this alternative type of therapy. This involves touch by default, be it lying next to each other while e.g. cuddling or body to body sliding. However our sessions do not involve touching of intimate and private parts of your therapists unless you politely ask them directly and respect their decision what ever it may be. Respectful sessions for both the receiver (client) and giver (therapist) are our paramount priority for us. 

Do you provide discreet treatments?


We only provide discreet and confidential service for both parties, be it for incall or outcall appointment. If outcall session is arranged in your hotel, your therapist visits you appropriately dressed, never revealing and drawing attention. Massage items such as massage oil are safely placed in therapists' handbag. 

For an incall appointment you are seen by your chosen therapist who is based in a discreet, private, clean and cozy apartment. Your discretion and confidentiality is very important to us at all times and never revealed to any third parties. 

We do not contact you unless contacted first with your appointment request. 


Does Grace also offer treatments?

Grace takes inquiries and bookings and is your virtual concierge only. 

What form of payment do you accept?

If you are not comfortable to carry substantial amount of cash (Sterling pound, Euro, Dollars) to your session, we can also offer PayPal payment (paid in advance), wire bank transfer (paid in advance) and in most instances also bank card payment (on the spot). Always with a discreet reference of course. 

  If you would like to pay digitally you need to notify us beforehand please, especially concerning bank transfer and paypal, as well as in terms of foreign currency - Euro and US Dollars - where extra £10 equivalent is added for exchange.

As this is a discreet and private service, we do not keep any of your data.

Thank you.

What can I expect from my session?

We offer a naked,  or topless,  gentle therapeutic, relaxing, sensual cuddling,  quality sensual massage and other comforting types  to delight and awaken the sensual side of yourself. Quality, soft, sensual and non judging touch is one of the most important components we pride ourselves in as well as quality kneading, firm pressure for your muscles as well as feathery strokes and full body massage with body to body element.

What ever is your favourite massage pressure your therapist will strive to meet your expectations.

Relaxation, being looked after as well as immersion into sensuousness is part of your session. Releasing stress blockages from your shoulder and neck area and feeling loose with a renewed sense of self. We use quality grapeseed carrier massage oil with optional aromatherapy sensual essential oil such as ylang ylang, jasmin, lavender. 

We do not offer service beyond what is in our 'treatment menu'. As much as your session is fully nude (or in underwear/topless if you prefer) and optional and included delicate soulful lingam massage we do not offer under any circumstance any oral or sexual services. Please consult miss Google to find such services.

Would you like to have my feedback after session?

Yes, thank you, that would be very much appreciated. We strive for a high quality service and clients' suggestions, constructive feedback and opinions matter to us. 


Can I tip my Nude Therapy cuddle therapist/masseuse?

As much as our service includes all costs, if you feel you benefited greatly and value your therapist's service very much, you are most welcome to offer a tip for your sensual softness experience. We trust our masseuse will dearly appreciate it. Thank you.

I need to cancel/rearrange my session, what can I do?

We understand life has its unforeseen circumstances. In the event that you need to cancel/rearrange, please let us know as soon as possible so that our cuddle/massage therapist can free up her time. In the event that there is a last minute cancellation and your therapist, we ask for a small cancellation fee of £50 for her.  Thank you.

What if I want to make a request to tailor up the session to my needs?

Something on your mind you want to explore? Enquire and let us see if we can help. 

As long as you do not ask for an escort/oral services we could possibly be of help! 

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