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Tanra Yoga sensuous
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Get more into your body and become more bendy with our short naturist Tantra light hearted Duo Yoga. It is a shared experience of doing yoga differently, creating connection and interaction, while improving body confidence in the process.

Naturist couple's yoga, inspired by yoga Purple Valley, Goa, India, is more fun than individual yoga as alongside good stretch, it can bring about healthy laughter as an endorphins side effect, keeping both our minds and bodies young and potent, preparing ourselves to show up for life’s many adventures. Let yourself enjoy this light, connective, fun short grounding nude experience and receive benefits which include:

Increased muscle flexibility   

Renews the desire for playful exercise      

Acquiring greater muscle strength  

Loving connection  

Toning the body and improving facial appearance  

Improving blood flow to the heart, brain and nervous system  

Detoxifying cells and eliminating fatigue  

Opening channels of communication 

Meet your Massage Therapist

Body positive, liberating, holistic addition to your massage

Add short sensual, fun Tantra Duo Yoga to your massage session to add vibrancy to your experience

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