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Sensual Sound Energy Healing 

Sensual Sound Healing Massage

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.”

~Nikola Tesla

The tradition of therapeutic Tibetan healing 'singing' bowls originates in Asia and is an ancient form of vibrational medicine and is practiced in the West as a complementary and alternative modality treatment.  This therapy's aim is to improve physical, emotional, spiritual and sensual wellness i.e. promoting harmony and relaxation, being more present in your body, elevating positive mood states, lowering blood pressure, stress relief, positively balancing the body's energy and vibrations, improving sleep thus leaving you in a wonderful restorative balance. 


There are various sizes and tones of Tibetan healing bowls and when struck with a wooden mallet they produce a rainbow of different tones from sweet light tones to rich, deep sounds. 


Sound energy healing pairs well with yoga, meditation, reiki as well as our caring, nurturing Tantra touch, sensual massage session and body work. This is a uniquely curated sensual experience with incredible soft undertones. 


Sound healing combined with your therapist's soft voice, loving touch and Tantric pleasure will be a getaway for your heightened sensual experience as well as connection to yourself.


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