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Bathe your worries away

Cuddle in Bath Ritual

A warm caring bath releases endorphins in the body, it is good for your mind, body and spirit, offering nourishment on all levels. 

“Immersion in warm water releases the bonding hormone oxytocin which can counteract feelings of loneliness. Our brain experiences the same feelings as if we were getting physical affection or attention from a loved one.”

—Dr Tara Swart, neurologist.

Let us surprise you with our natural ingredients for our Cuddle Bath Ritual for the perfect relaxing, memorable and renewing shared bath. We bring it all including Epsom salt, natural Spa creamy bubbles, Spa dried flowers and dehydrated fruit, bath bombs, nourishing coconut or shea butter oil, sensual Hammam Spa ingredient as well as  good vibes and more for your float away experience, transcending the physical and mental.

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Naturally Boost Melatonin levels 

Physical Detoxification properties of Epsom salts

Decrease Muscle Tension

Natural Magnesium Intake through Epsom 

Helps to Release Stress

Helps to Increase Blood Circulation

Helps to Clean and Rejuvenate Skin 

Invigorating Experience from Scrubbing Massage

We offer Cuddle Bath Ritual in our Incall location in London/Tower Bridge. 

Min session to include our Bath Ritual for Incall or Outcall is 2hrs and £100 extra fee which includes refreshments and healthy snacks including optional glass of wine, good vibes and being looked after by your therapist. 

Meet your Masseur

Cleansing, rejuvenating, luxurious

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