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 Therapeutic Nudity, Cuddle Therapy, Massage, PE Therapy, Sensuality
Readings Recommendations:


tantra massage book_edited.jpg

Tantric massage for Beginners! - includes a guide for Tantric massage and various massage techniques, including lingam massage, yoni massage as well as Tantric set and setting.

tantra learning_edited.jpg

Fascinating read and great for anyone interested to know more about authentic Tantra in depth. Includes Tantri key teachings, foundations, practices, spirituality, sacred tantric traditions, history, all flows well in this Tantra book. Includes Tantric yoga and meditation and fantastic images. This material involves processing, digesting and implementing if one likes. The author also offers an online course as well as Tantra retreats in Portugal. 

Cuddling Therapy

cuddle sutra_edited_edited.jpg

Cute, sweet book sharing all the ways a pair can cuddle comfortably, ways of loving touch as well as asserting that anyone can do it! Some adorable cuddle advice included.

Therapeutic Nudity

therapy nudity joy_edited.jpg

An interesting and intriguing book where renowned psychologists are helping people overcome their body shame and lack of self esteem. This is a scientific look at the therapeutic and healing use of social nudity in modern psychotherapy. Also includes insight into nudity throughout ages and how they have shaped human history. 

When we remove our 'facade' - clothing - we often become more honest with ourselves and others, helping removing thoughts that don't serve us. Being nude helps us to accept ourselves as well as others. 

nudity _edited.jpg

Are you not comfortable with nudity? Stan offers amazing ways how to become more at ease with ones bare body.

Human Touch

physical touch_edited.jpg

Fantastic read, exploring one of our precious languages of communication - human touch.  Explores how the quantity or lack of loving touch received in babyhood, childhood and adolescence can influence the rest of our lives.  Explains how touch hunger can have negative effect onto one's character and can be unconsciously projected into bad habits such as overeating or workaholism. The author argues that touch is a necessity and essential for emotional as well as physical wellbeing.
She suggests some amazing activities and practices to help with the art of touch. 


PE Therapy 

premature ejaculation book guide.png

This thorough guide explains all about premature ejaculation including causes and symptoms, as well as how to help one self with training one self mastering one's mind, the potential of visualisation, overcoming anxiety. Lots of no nonsense advice going straight to the point. 



pe therapy tantric appoach book recommendation.png

This concise book is written by an experienced Tantric  professional using Tantric holistic philosophy, techniques and practices such as authentic Tantric massage, breath, sexual energy, self awareness and more, all of them helping on a journey of lasting long. 

Maria as well discusses underlying causes of PE including upbringing, conditioning and habits. 

The amazing ineffable full body orgasm without physical ejaculation is as well discussed, something advanced Tantra practitioners consciously embody. 



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