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Caressing Massage


Caressing massage is gentle art comprising of the lightest of touch over all the body and especially the erogenous zones creating a tingling effect that stirs the whole body into a state of heighten energy.


Delicate, light and sensuous kisses on the ears, neck and spine makes a recipe to delight in. Just when you thought that was it we add nurturing sensual whispers of pure bliss and warm breath to tantalise you further.

Warm breath and sultry soft lips caress the tingling skin on your neck as gentle kisses leave you wanting and anticipating more. Your mind is focused in the moment yet our naked bodies gliding softly over each other add to a deeper feeling of connection. 


The soft delicate kisses transfer their attention to the ears which respond to the slightest touch and magnify the sensations through your body. A gentle playful nibble of the earlobes with warm sweet breath is irresistible, conjuring emotions and heightening desires.


Placing a sensual vibrant kiss on the top of your spine lights up a pathway of anticipation and longing. Light warm kisses gliding from vertebrae to vertebrae as if on stepping stones in a sensual river of joy. Closeness of body to body touch also sends tingling touches over your back, buttocks and legs while sliding gently over you.

Naked body of your therapist maps your sensitive responses allowing to focus on your pleasure.  


This wonderful delicate experience is magnified with two skilled nude therapists teasing and tantalising your tingling body with the option of a sensual massage table. An journey of discovery 

 for your all your senses. 

Our beautiful studios create the perfect ambience in which to experience the soft caress of lips on skin, choose the room that suits your mood from gentle beach vibes through earthy woodland to the more erotic tantric lair.


Come join us for this very special sensual, nourishing treat. 

Therapists Providing Caressing Massage: 




Knightsbridge & Outcall

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