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Re-Connect with Your Sensual Self

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Therapists Providing
Sensual Massage

Canary Wharf

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Knightsbridge & Outcall

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London/Tower Bridge



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 Canary Wharf

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Liverpool Street

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A 'Tantra Journey' of the Senses Massage 

(With or Without Lingam Massage)

Imagine the feeling of lying in a warm, soothing, comfortable, clean and sensual well-being space specially designed to welcome you, relax you and at the same time create the feeling of excitement, anticipation and being lovingly looked after. 

Your caring, skilled and warm hearted therapist, while in nude (or optionally in lingerie) gently yet firmly massaging your entire body using a warm, nourishing and your skin moisturising natural oil all over. 


We use slow paced strokes and nurturing touch with optional body on body flowing sliding.  Our aim is to bring about a deep state of relaxation married with energy filled rising arousal. Tingle as you feel and delight in this subtle yet profound intimate experience. Let warm hands of your therapist gently massage and sensuously stroke teasing out the stress and tension of the day. Softly spoken words and a light warm little kiss on the neck invite a change of position. 


Now looking up, with or without eye pillow (see our 'Blindfold Ritual')  your journey of senses continues with Tantric embrace. 


Pleasantly warm light massage oil once more lubricates the skin and you receive further Tantra body work with stimulation of your body and mind.  


Steadily your massage has been building up to the top of an arousal peak to the happiest of endings, kept inward or released, alway delicate, never rushed. Electric-like, heart pumping euphoric moments that ignite all the senses that then give way as your body relaxes joyous and complete.  

Mind and body aligned in one.

Performed on a bed with a hard mattress suitable for massage, this is a massage using hands and arms and incorporates elements of upper body to body

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'Fingertip' Tingle Massage 

(With or Without Lingam Massage)


Some of our clients have a preference for a caring, natural, very soft touch massage which utilises gentle strokes all over their body which gradually increases in intensity. This very light touch tantalises and tingles the whole body which they find relaxing, soothing, gentle, peaceful and immensely arousing.  

With or without hot oil this delicate soft touch of our therapists' fingertips together with draped hair creates body electric sensations that leave you feeling light and rejuvenated. 

This wonderful sensual massage is performed nude, (unless beautiful lingerie is preferred), our therapists incorporating light body contact elements through fine touch with their body parts (optional). Soft delicate words whispered communicating a sense of connection in this always safe, relaxing, subtle yet profoundly sensual experience which is progressively building up arousal.


Towards the end of your session you can opt for either keeping your orgasmic energy inward or release which is performed in a delicate slow paced way via lingam massage. 


Let your body and mind relax, rejuvenate and reset via subtle sensuality fingertip experience.


Add 'Blindfold Ritual' to your Massage

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For most of the time, we heavily rely on our sense of vision. Our head space is often too active and chatter box mind seem never ending.   When we are blindfolded, we transport more into our body,  becoming more in tune with it and what we feel inside.  We think less and feel more. We become more focused on what is happening within our body. When blindfolded, our other senses of touch, hearing, smell and feeling are heightened allowing us to reconnect to our inner energy centres which helps raise our tantric energy further. 

As an option you can try our Blindfold Ritual where your therapist gently applies either eye scarf or eye pillow over your eyes to invite you onto a deeper journey. 

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The Big Wide World of  Sensuality 


Sensuality relates to one's body and its physical senses - sense of touch, taste, sight, sound, smell as well as feeling. 

Sensuality encompasses a whole spectrum of elements; for example, tasting mindfully a voluptuous, juicy strawberry can be a highly sensual experience. Similarly, free flow body dancing or watching a red and orange sunset while listening to calming sea waves can bring about subtle pleasurable sensual sensations.

“Sensuality is the basis of how we experience our bodies, other bodies, and the world around us”

- Rosara Torrisi, PhD

(certified Sex Therapist, Director of The Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy)

Exploring your senses through our
Sensual Massage

The nature of our sensual therapy will allow you to go deeper into your body through immersion of all your five senses and feeling of being totally accepted as you are.

Our Sensual massage comprises of the following elements:




Your dedicated naturist female therapist engages with you so you experience various types of touch from light touch using various sensuality items that evoke tingling sensations such as feathers, furs, silk and delicate finger strokes.


This interchanged with slow paced full body massage technique using various levels of pressure, body on body sliding, reach unders, Swedish massage and combination massage marrying enjoyable circular movements with kneading and rubbing stroking movements.

Our magical touch melts away all your stress away and and you become more aware of being in your body rather than in your mind. You can as well try our 'body mapping' whereas we sensually touch each part of your body to rediscover what feels nice.



Using optional quintessential aromatherapy essential oils of sensual oils of floral, soft, sweet Ylang and Ylang as well as Rose oil aka "Queen of Flowers", enhancing balance and harmony in the body.



Beautifully adorned or unadorned body of your sensuous female massage therapist together with mood lighting, candle lit atmosphere and soothing, relaxing and comfortable decor. 

Our use of  all natural Hot Oil increases sensuality 



 Enjoy a cup of Birthday Suit tea with the taste of strawberry and cream



Collection of soothing, relaxing, soft music paired up well with your delicate Sensual Tantric Massage.

The treatment is completed with our delicate hand crafted intimate lingam massage during which the emission of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin is increased and stress related cortisol is decreased thus releasing all negative emotions.

"Sensuality is for everyone, whether you’re single, with a partner, with multiple partners, or never engaged in sexual connection at all."

- Rosara Torrisi, PhD, Sex Therapist

The benefits of a more intimate and deeper connection with our selves can be immense as well as a part of our well being and simply being alive.  Slowness and listening to one's body is all an essential part of sensuality helping to re discover and heighten our connection to our sensual self and a sense of aliveness as well as fulfilment while generating pleasure hormones and reducing cortisol and adrenaline, creating a portal to an increased creativity and mind and body confidence. 

Being in the moment and one's body is one of the most important components to sensuality and we at NT aim to get you out of your head and let you experience more your bodily sensations. 

With our sensual Tantric massage we aim to be a vehicle on your intimacy journey for you to mindfully rediscover your body and increase innate connection to your sensual self

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