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'Kundalini,' a term derived from Sanskrit, evokes the concept of dormant energy coiled at the base of the spine. Enthusiasts of yoga aspire to awaken this latent vitality, guiding it through intricate energy focal points called chakras, in pursuit of a heightened sense of enlightenment and profound well-being. The massage treatment, an intimate experience, lavishes attention on the posterior torso and limbs.


A symphony of senses unfolds as aromatic essential oils caress the olfactory sense while mellifluous, pre-recorded chants serenade the mind into relaxation. The therapist's skilled hands trace gentle pathways along the spine's contour, coaxing forth the neural nexus nestled between brain and spine, unleashing a torrent of revitalizing energy. This indulgent therapy is tailored to nourish and harmonize one's equilibrium of well-being, an exquisite balm particularly in moments of emotional tumult. It extends its embrace to those harboring tension within sinews or grappling with shoulders that bear the weight of computer-bound hours, promising a sanctuary of respite.

Massage Therapist providing
Kundalini Massage

Energetic, transformative and awakening massage technique

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