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There are boundaries implemented in our sessions,  please read before arranging a session. 

Cuddle terms

1. Our sessions include gentle sensuality overtones and touch which is not an invitation for nor oral services nor intercourse services.


2. You agree to be on the receiving part in your session and are tenderly guided by your therapist.


3. As we provide mostly nude sessions (unless you prefer in underwear/topless), some mutual touch happens by default.  However touch in intimate areas of your therapist is either not allowed or only allowed at the discretion of your therapist. 

4. Therapeutic energy release of your intimate private part by our skilled hands is optional but is included in the fee for your session.


5. High levels of hygiene are required and taking a shower is expected unless shower has been taken a short while before arriving at the appointment. A very clean area for session is provided by your therapist at her premises or by the client at his hotel room.

6. You confirm not having any health issues, namely any heart issue, contagious skin condition, STDs. 


You must be at least 19 years of age. If you look too young we deserve the right to see your I.D.



NT London is a discreet service hence all communication is handled in a discreet manner. We do not contact you unless you contact us first. 

We never collect any of your data as well as any communication with you is handled in the most discreet fashion. We never send any promotional material onto your email or mobile number. 

If OUTCALL is requested we always dress in appropriate clothing to not bring attention to us. By default this usually means Casual Smart Dress Code. 

You are attended by your chosen therapist and never seen by anyone else. 

We provide our service in discreet, private, modern and clean apartments in Central London (Marylebone/London Bridge)



The fee for your session is always paid shortly upon encounter with your therapist. 

Please always have the exact amount for your session ready. 

Alternatively we also welcome digital forms of payment (bank card, PayPal, wire transfer)

Always notify us prior to your session please if you would like to pay via Bank transfer or Paypal as those are to be paid in advance.

Card payments always come with a Discreet Reference of course.

If you would like to pay in Euros or US dollars we accept the equivalent of your session fee plus equivalent of a min £10 for exchange. 


Please strive to be on time.  We understand there are sometimes events outside of one's control that might cause you to be late. Nevertheless in the event of lateness we cannot guarantee that your therapist can still give you your full session time as initially arranged. 

Equally please do not arrive earlier than your appointment time unless you have been given a consent. 


We fully understand there may be an emergency or sudden changes of schedule etc. However we appreciate if you let us know as soon as possible that you cannot come to your session. In the event of a last minute cancellation we appreciate a courteous cancellation fee of £50. Thank you.

In some instances we ask for a non refundable small deposit to be paid upfront. In the event that a booking is cancelled a week prior, deposit is not returned.

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