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TED Talk - Sexual Educator Yoni on the Power of Hugs 🤗

Yoni is a fantastic international speaker on human sexuality with specialty in dating, alternative relationships as well as safe touch. His passion is to educate on various elements of sexuality, organise cuddle parties in San Francisco and share his advice on cuddles in his Book of Cuddles. The Book of Cuddles is a nice intro to the pleasure of platonic touch, its different forms and intimacies. Cuddling with strangers is no longer a taboo as human need for closeness and touch is greater.

We at NT have gone a little further, with consent hugging and cuddling (always safely) in either in our BirthdaySuit or garment, giving our biggest organ - our skin - as much nourishment as it deserves. If you would like to join our alternative cuddle, we are only one click away.

With best wishes

NTLondon 🤗


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