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Naked Restaurant and Bar in London

It happened by chance on the way back from the Soho theatre. As I bustled along in the thick thong of Londoners and tourists I glanced left and it caught my eye, well it would wouldn’t it. NAKED Restaurant & Bar!

It just had to be investigated.

Perhaps such a sign in Soho might not be too surprising but all the same what was there to be discovered

On entering the cafe one is greeted by any number of vulvas and penises of all size and colour be the actual casts hung to the wall or with a Phalic member protruding from a plate!

The most charming zany funny and ever so innuendo waitress greets you with genuine warmth. After all one has crossed the threshold into her world of all things Nude!

The atmosphere is jovial and everyone is genuinely happy to be there participating in the theatre of afternoon tea and cocktails all served with a cheeky twinkle and healthy helping of innuendo

Extra whipped cream readily provided brings a smile and laugher.

Their story is unique and very creative and after early battles with local prudes has settled in to the local Soho scene but in a lighthearted and vibrantly different way. Not the usual image of Soho.

Would I go back? You bet!

We offer daily gentle, soothing and delicately sensuous cuddles and massage which indeed are intimate yet with boundaries in place. Naked yet non escort. Let us know if you would like to be looked after by one of our friendly, professional and kind therapists in a safe, discreet, relaxed and appropriately decorated environment be it in London Bridge or Marylebone.

Enjoy every moment in your day

Grace, N T London 💐❤️


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