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Lingam Massage Techniques

In Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, the word 'lingam' refers to the male sexual organ and can be translated as a 'want of light'. In Tantra, it is meant to be handled with care and respect. It is not only a pleasure area, the energy that comes from a man's lingam has the potential to create a new life. The mindful lingam massage does not need to lead to physical ejaculation. In reality, climax and ejaculation are two experiences and it is not unheard of that a man can have numerous orgasms during a lingam stimulation, without ejaculating. During hands on lingam massage, man is receiving pleasure via various massage techniques he might not have experienced before.

Before we start Tantric lingam massage, it is important to have the right environment promoting relaxation - dim lights, warmth, candles, soft music, optional essential oils such as vanilla, lily or jasmine, added to massage natural oil.

When the right Tantric ambience environment is prepared we start with sensuous massage to sync female and male energies. We including nude hug, powerful de-stressing breath, eye contact, and gentle touch.

As man lies down on his tummy, we perform a sensual full body massage using various strokes and applied pressure as well as body to body massage. It is relaxing, soothing, therapeutic as well as sensual and arousing, a perfect combination.

After we turn over we proceed with further sensual and leisurely stroking including inner thighs and other sensitive areas. We ask permission before we touch the lingam. To start, we leave one hand rest above our receiver's pelvic floor area and the other on his heart area.

After applying pleasantly hot oil on the area. Then we spread the oil over the 'wand of light' using a pulling and spreading movement as well as applying sensually the oil around the lingam. We then follow using our various amazing lingam massage techniques using alternative pressure, strokes, stretching, circling and rotating movements as well as the 'ring'. We stimulate accordingly as well as pause, to prolong pleasure and spread it around the whole body to bask in it.

We use various Tantric massage lingam techniques from the 'lingam cradle', 'ave maria', 'spaking fire' to 'rainbow rub', 'lingam shiatsu', and loads of hand massage lingam techniques to brighten up your day. Whether you would like to experience a naked cuddling soft togetherness or quality Tantric massage alongside lingam pleasurable delight, we are here for your needs and wishes.

Have an amazing day

Grace x


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