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Birthday-Suit Acceptance

Cuddling, hugging and nurturing is for everyone. Small, tall, skinny, extra weight, red hair, no hair, curly hair, white, black , mixed, with scars, stretch marks, missing limb.

It is important to love, be positive and confident about the skin we are in. Accept yourself as you are, be nice to yourself and don't fall prey to comparing yourself to the social norms often presented in the media. We are all born imperfect in our own perfect way. Not a single human being has ever been born with perfect symmetry, facial or otherwise. Learning to judge ourselves and others less harshly will go a long way to helping us all feel more confident.

True body positivity for everyone seems to require personal as well as cultural change. Accepting yourself as you are and help others to do the same every day.


ElevateSport Body Positivity Is For Everyone/Confidence For All July 6, 2019


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