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Therapist INFINITY

Wellbeing Masseuse and Tantra Enthusiast


Contact    +44 7494 727676

Infinity's Therapeutic Modalities 


Infinity is a passionate holistic massage therapist with six years of experience. Her forte? Merging sensual artistry with professional care for your ultimate well-being. Each stroke, each caress, is a step towards a heightened sense of pleasure and self-awareness. 

What you can expect during your session with Infinity:

1. Sensual Expertise: Unlock your inner desires and energies as Infinity masterfully blends sensuality into your massage experience. Every touch is a journey of self-discovery.

2. Professional Approach: Your comfort and boundaries are paramount. You can trust Infinity's safe, respectful space to relax and explore without hesitation.

3. Mind, Body, Soul: Infinity believes in holistic healing. Beyond tension release, her sessions rejuvenate your mind, emotions, and spirit.

4. Tantra: Dive into the profound world of tantra massage, exploring the divine connection between your mind and body, enhancing your sensuality with me.

5. Just for You: Your needs and goals are unique. Infinity customizes each session, whether it's relaxation, healing, or personal growth.

Join Infinity on a journey of self-discovery, sensuality, and holistic well-being. Together, you can blur the lines between body, mind, and soul, unlocking the pleasures of your senses.

Awakened like never before.

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Book early and secure massage room of your choice

- always fully hygienic, clean, tidy, comfortable, warm and cozy

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- En Suite Cosy Ambience

Massage Room


- En Suite Sensual Ambience Massage Room


- En Suite Tantric Ambience 

Massage Room

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Infinity's Fees:

                                     Incall                    Outcall

1hr                                £200                        N/A

1.5hr                             £290                       £390

2hrs.                             £380                       £480

2.5hrs                           £470                       £570

3hrs                              £560                       £660

* Please be punctual otherwise your therapist cannot guarantee full session length.

CASH/CARD ACCEPTED Including Euro or U.S. Dollars currency

Infinity provides:



appointments near LONDON BRIDGE in her private, discreet, clean, comfortable and relaxing apartment or


in your private residence or hotel in CENTRAL LONDON.

Minimum 1.5hr session.

Random Facts about Infinity:

I can be as graceful as a Swan or Mr. Bean... depending on the day.

I can have a full blown converstation with myself... way too often.

One of my favourite quotes is by W. Dyer 'Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change'

I believe that sharing love and kindness is the purpose of life


"It was fantastic, Thank you. Infinity is the best". 


-Mohammed, UAE

Infinity elevated me to new heights of my being. She has a well rounded understanding of the human matrix, needs and inner substance. 

- J.B., London

An amazing treat from my girlfriend to spend time with a beautiful girl who gave me the most amazing massage. 

- Henry, NYC

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