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Tantric Massage Facilities

A soothing, warm, inviting environment matters and only adds to your relaxation experience

Welcome and be looked after by one of our gentle and friendly therapists in our London Bridge premises.

 Pre book and choose one of our 3 different theme modern ensuite rooms within one feel good Sanctuary,  

situated 1-2 min from London Bridge hub station.

Fully private, discreet, clean, hygienic, comfortable and conveniently located within

Central London, zone 1, near the River Thames and London City. 

Book early and choose your ideal treatment room. 


Choice from 3 different sanctuary moods rooms:



 Soft Coastal ambience

 (lights dimmed for session)



Earthy and close to nature

(medium darkness for session)


TANTRA Dark and mysterious

(darkest room for session)

Santorini Massage Studio


En Suite Massage Room

( gets comfortably dimmed )

Massage Essentials & Ambience:

Double bed with a firm mattress ideal for a quality massage therapy


Disposable fresh bed sheet per guest ensuring hygiene.

En suite Bali blue relax luxury rainfall shower room 

Comfortable velvet poufe

Surround sound sensual, tantric and relaxing collection music system 

Decor inspired by light sea vibe

Refreshments - water, herbal tea, 100% fresh juice

Fresh bath towels


Soft dim lightning

Natural Shower soapy products

Golden Sage Massage Studio


En Suite Massage Room

(can get very dark)

Massage Essentials & Ambience:

Double bed with Extra firm mattress ideal for massage therapy


Disposable bed sheet per guest ensuring good hygiene

En suite green relax luxury rainfall/mist shower room 

Comfortable velvet chair

Surround sound collection sensual, tantric, relaxing music system 

Preserved real natural moss and bricks Decor inspired by Earthy tones 

Refreshments - water, herbal tea, 100% fresh juice

Fresh bath towels


Dim soft lightning

Natural Shower soapy products

Tantra Massage Studio


En Suite Massage Room

(Near-complete darkness ambience can be achieved)

Massage Essentials & Ambience:

King size 4 poster bed with extra firm mattress  ideal for massage therapy 

Disposable bed sheet per guest ensuring good hygiene

En suite black & white luxury bathroom with spa amenities 

Velvet drapes

Elegant velvet chaise longue

Surround sound collection sensual, tantric and relaxing music system 

Decor inspired by Dark Tantra

Refreshments - water, herbal tea, 100% fresh juice

Fresh bath towels


Dim soft lightning

Natural Bath soapy products

Our Tantra Massage Sanctuary

cuddle therapy london_edited_edited.png

Our London Bridge massage sanctuary is a tranquil and serene environment designed to provide our guests with a soothing and therapeutic experience through various forms of massage therapy, cuddles, hugs and other modalities we provide. Our sanctuary is carefully crafted to create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing. 

Peaceful Ambiance: 

We believe a calm and peaceful ambiance such as our soft lighting, soothing colors, and calming decor elements such as natural moss wall materials and soft textiles contribute to such serene atmosphere.


Comfortable Treatment Rooms:

We have individual treatment en suite rooms where our guests can receive massages in a private and comfortable setting. We also have a massage table, clean linens, disposable bed sheets and soothing music.

Skilled Therapists:

Massage therapists working in our sanctuary are experienced in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish massage, relaxing massage, light finger top massage,  aromatherapy, and more.



Variety of Massage Options:

Our massage sanctuary offers a range of massage modalities to suit different preferences and needs. Our guests can choose from sensual massage, body to body massage

, nude or topless massages, lingam massage, PE Tantric Edging massage, etc.


Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness and hygiene is crucial in our massage sanctuary. Disposable bed sheets, alcohol wiped massage bottles and massage equippment, and a clean environment are essential for the well-being of clients.

Mindful Therapists:

Our therapists are trained to be attentive and considerate of clients' needs and preferences. They aim to create a stress-free and welcoming experience.

Stress Reduction:

The primary goal of a massage sanctuary is to reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. It provides a space where individuals can escape the demands of daily life and focus on self-care.


Our massage sanctuary is a dedicated space designed to provide therapeutic, sensual, relaxing  and rejuvenating experiences through the art of massage and other modalities.


It's a place where individuals can find relief from physical discomfort, mental stress, and emotional tension, promoting a sense of relaxation and balance.

Tantric Incense

The moment you enter our London Bridge Tantra centre a type of incense associated with the practice of Tantra will not escape your attention. 


Tantra encompasses a diverse range of practices and beliefs, and incense is often used as a tool to enhance ambience, meditation, rituals, and spiritual experiences.

The specific ingredients and blends of tantric incense we use vary, but they are generally designed to create a sacred and blissful atmosphere for tantric and sensual practices.


Common ingredients we use include a variety of aromatic ancient Indian Ayurvedic herbs, resins, and woods, chosen for their symbolic and spiritual significance, calming and purifying properties.

Some incense we use is cinnamon smudge sticks, palo santo, white sage, organic incense sticks, Frankincense rasin as well as vegetable based soothing candles and essential oils diffusers. 


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