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Some of our
Yoga Positions

Reach for the moon

Start naked back to back but a little apart. Both drop the right knee to the floor and reach forward with the other leg forming a groin stretch position. Then arch backwards and reach up towards the moon. Hands join at the top of the arch and pull gently to elongate the stretch. A beautiful elegant nude pose 

tantric yoga_edited.jpg

Back bend 

A little more strength is needed here. Start naked back to back and reach back to interlink arms together. 

The lead partner then bends forward arching the partners back as their feet lift off the floor. Return to standing and swap roles. A rally good back stretch whilst lying naked on top of your partner. 

naturist yoga-min.jpg

Reach for your ankles. 

We love this pose as it involves lots of skin in skin start standing back to back bums squishing together. The both bend forward to each for your ankles (or as far as you can). We should be able to see each other while inverted and another fine mirror view. Reach through and hold hands for a moment too 

nude yoga-min.JPG

Back to back

Standing back to back naked bottoms touching slowly bend the knees in unison to sitting position and hold the pose. Arms by your sides. This one relies on mutual pressure being applied to keep the pose 

bare yoga -min.JPG

Duo bend. 

One of us bends forward with feet and hands on the floor forming a “V” bend. 

This is already an interesting nude pose especially if your looking in the mirror!  Your duo partner then bends to form an “L” shape pose with feet placed on your lower back and hands on the floor. This one is fun trying to set the pose! 

nude therapy yoga-min.JPG
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