Soapy Shower Ritual

Reminiscent of the Turkish Hammam experience, our soapy warm shower ritual comprises of sensuality, bubble bathing massage motion and both physical and spiritual cleansing, using your therapist's hands and unadorned body to let any of your tension and stress bubble away, letting go in the process of getting pampered.

Optionally let your therapist as well  Hammam - style lovingly scrape your body from the top to bottom to increase your blood circulation and bring about feelings of invigoration. 

Using only top delicate shower gels gently infused with high grade essential oils of sandalwood and oud creating a silky tactile sensation together with water which has purifying and cleansing properties. 

Our soapy shower ritual helps you get ready and relax even more for your treatment of cuddling, massage or PE therapy. 

Let us know if you would like to arrange a sensuous shower ritual. Shower ritual is usually performed ahead of your Tantric sensual massage or Cuddling Therapy but if your prefer a refreshing shower ritual for after your session and it can be arranged of course.


Min 90min session is required to include Shower Ritual.

Additional fee applies.