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the need for touch

'Nothing is as healing as human touch".

- Bobby Fisher

Let us introduce you to our Alchemy of Touch  - a rainbow of tactile sensations from Tantric Delight to Sensuous Magic. We use various touch techniques as well as sensuality enhancing items you might have never experienced before. This is a subtle sensual pleasure not to be missed.

 In Alchemy of Touch session your chosen therapist and you will initiate you into

Various Types of Touch and Sensations: 

From feathery to 'micro' touch to a conscious, gentle, slow paced, tactile loving touch as well as various sensations brought by sensual accessories such as aromas and scent, hot and cold stimulation, soft items for light caressing, sound and touch vibrations and optional blindfolds.

Touch is one of the five senses we have. Let your biggest organ - your skin - experience elements of touch sensations your skin thrives in and helps to increase your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in the process. 

Alchemy ot touch can be added to any lenght of your chosen session. 

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