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Positive body image


In  the context of our therapy there is substantial body of evidence to show that being naked can be good for one’s health. It can improve our skin, sense of satisfaction, can improve a more positive body image and a feeling of freedom. Married up with a comfortable, gentle and safe cuddle therapy delicately guided by a professional cuddle therapist both in their birthday suit can improve one’s self esteem further and contribute to more self-esteem of the receiver for their personal lives. We can help you get further into your body, and activate its healing processes,  with our quality massage therapy which combines elements of Swedish relaxing massage, sensuality, full body massage, therapeutic gentle and firm strokes and techniques as well as nourishing touch.  

If you would like to look further into our naturist Well of Wellness you can always opt for our Extended Cuddle and Companionship togetherness or our Holistic Extras. Or our PE therapy which is backed by endless sex coaches as well as intimacy guides.  

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