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Tantric Traditional Pose

YabYum Tanric pose

'Yab Yum  is about the fusion of Compassion and Truth/Wisdom in Tibetan Tantra. In Indian Tantra, the masculine is a passive meditator, while the feminine sits on his lap and dances as shakti. This is the confluence of pure consciousness and pure energy. Yab-Yum stands for the fusion of dualistic forms to achieve transcendence on a metaphysical plane'

- Anonymous

This alluring posture embodies a traditional tantric yoga stance, often portrayed in ancient Tantric art and the iconography of Buddhism across Nepal, Tibet, and India. If you've ever participated in an authentic Tantra workshop, it's highly likely that you've become acquainted with the captivating Yab-Yum alignment, also recognized as the quintessential pose for tantric meditation involving a pair.

In this introspective arrangement, a man assumes a comfortable seated position on a bed or tatami, legs elegantly crossed. Facing him, a tantrika sits gracefully on his lap, her legs encircling his lower back and torso. In unison, they harmonize, channeling a seamless interplay of masculine and feminine energies. Their arms embrace one another in a gentle and intimate hold, radiating warmth and tranquility. Consciously breathing in unhurried, deep rhythms, they engage in a subtle, rocking motion.

Within the context of Tibetan Tantric tradition, the union signifies the marriage of wisdom and truth with compassion. Conversely, in Indian Tantric philosophy, it represents the unification of pure energy and awareness. The mystical aspect converges both the feminine and masculine into a non-dual state, a state of oneness, where transcendence unfurls.

To us, Yab-Yum evokes a sense reminiscent of meditative cuddling, its essence lying in its equilibrium-seeking attributes. If the inclusion of Yab-Yum resonates with you, we're eager to accommodate. Rest assured, just like with other poses, we prioritize safety for all involved parties.

If an extra layer of assurance is desired, underwear can stay on. 

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