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Our Tantra massage is a form of holistic bodywork that combines a mixture of massage techniques with the energetic principles of Tantra. It 


Tantra massage acts as a bridge between the physical and energy bodies, facilitating ecstatic tantric experiences with profound healing effects on both physical and emotional levels.


The main focus in tantra massage is on energy. The goal is to awaken sexual energy and move it from the lower energy centers (chakras) to the higher ones. As this energy ascends, it can release physical and emotional blockages and old traumas, infusing you with new energy and perspectives. This results in a deeply restorative and healing experience.

Receiving a tantric massage experience can help you achieve a harmonious balance between mind and body, enhancing your emotional connection. This is achieved through the unblocking of energy, allowing for intensified emotions and prolonged ecstasy.

Often our individual, unique character traits, internal wounds, and conditioning can hinder a process of full flow through all chakras. Tantra can gradually help overcome these barriers. The goal of tantric massage is not to delve into psychology but to enhance awareness and present-moment sensations, guided by the intuition and sensitivity of the practitioner.

Rigidity in the body and mind can block the flow of energy, which may lead or contribute to various physical and emotional ailments

  Massage, when applied correctly, can help bridge gap in or encounters including intimate ones, fostering trust and self-esteem.

Tantric massage offers many benefits including stress relief, energy recharge, and possible positive changes in self-perception and one's reality. It assists in reactivating bodily vitality and creativity, making it an effective way to maintain health and balance. The healing aspect of tantric massage promotes the release of energy, allowing it to flow freely through the body, positively influencing all aspects of life. It can also resolve internal conflicts affecting relationships, leading to a happier and more rewarding  experience.

As a path of personal growth, similar to other yogic practices, tantric massage is a powerful sensory experience that can be one of the stepping stones to free you from conditioning. It has shown incredible benefits for specific male and female issues related to the psycho-corporeal aspects.

Sensitive, intuitive touch of Tantrikas' hands,  can instill well-being, calm, and energy, aiding in the body's self-healing process.

The effects of tantric massage are individual and vary from person to person and session to session. Its primary goal is to expand the receiver's latent and unexpressed energies, leading to unpredictable but profound outcomes, whether they manifest as pleasure, joy, or other emotions.

Meet your Tantric Masseuse

"Tantra massage bridges the physical and energetic, awakening healing and embodying love."

4 Pillars of Tantric Massage:

Tantric Breath

Tantric breath is a fundamental principle in tantric massage, emphasizing deep, conscious breathing. This technique enhances energy flow throughout the body, helping to awaken and circulate sexual energy. By focusing on breath, individuals can connect more deeply with their inner selves and their partner, fostering a sense of unity and heightened awareness. We guide you to Tantric Breath which is essential part of your Tantric massage with us. 


During massage you may feel waves of energy and we encourage you to move if you feel the need to do so. This can help the flow of energy as well as releasing any stuck physical or emotional energy. 



Sound plays a crucial role in tantric practices. Vocal expressions, whether gentle sighs or deeper tones, help release pent-up energy and emotions. This vocalization aids in grounding the individual in the present moment and amplifies the sensations experienced during the massage. It also helps in the release of physical and emotional blockages, promoting healing and relaxation.

Being in the Moment

Being fully present is essential in tantric massage. This mindfulness allows individuals to experience each sensation deeply, without distraction. By staying in the moment, one can fully appreciate the subtleties of touch, breath, and energy movement. This presence fosters a deeper connection with oneself and, if applicable, with a partner, enhancing the overall experience.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantric holistic massage experience can be a powerful tool for anyone's healing, offering restorative benefits on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. By awakening and circulating your sexual energy, it can help with releasing blockages and traumas, bringing new energy and perspectives into your life.  Connection to your self and others can deepen as a result. As we integrate breath, movement, sound, and mindfulness in our sessions our Tantra seekers can experience a heightened sense of unity and intimacy. This connection extends beyond your physical body, touching emotional and spiritual realms.

The primary focus of our tantric massage is on your energy awakening. By directing sexual energy from the lower to the higher chakras, it promotes the release of stuck energy enhancing the flow of life force throughout the body. Our clients often share to feel a sense of profound inner peace after their session.
Practicing Tantra, including tantric massage cultivates being in the present moment and the ability to stay present. This heightened awareness enriches everyday life, fostering a deeper appreciation for here and now which is all there is as yesterday is gone and tomorrow does not exist yet. 

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