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Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Therapy Massage

“Edging can be a personal practice and also a therapeutic tool,”

- Dr Holly Richmond,

Psychologist and licensed Sex Therapist.

Premature Ejaculation affects a substantial percentage of male population, depending on statistics it ranges from 30-40% of men be the symptoms short or long term.  It is the most common sexual problem, yet very little talked about and under reported.

Relax on the Edge

Deep states of relaxation lead to even deeper states of arousal  

Let us carefully take you to the "Edge" multiple times to experience unique pleasure to create a connecting,  mindful and exciting sessions of pleasure. 

Edging Art

What is our 'Art of Edging'? 

We offer a practice of 'Edging Therapy', (aka Surfing the Wave, Peaking, Teasing) which has been used over several decades and is an effective and valid treatment to prolonging the build up to ejaculation and in effect to overcome Premature Ejaculation. It is a mind over body therapy utilising specific Tantric instructions we give you plus the power of breath and visualisation. We take you to the very 'edge' of orgasm then we stop, giving you time to rest just to get ready to repeat it all. We help you become more mindful and intentional, highlighting pleasure married with patience. We would like to guide you on your path of pleasure, using a variety of positions, techniques and massage stretches.  Wa want you to last to the end of your session Not to just have a quickie release. 

With zero side effects there is nothing to fear, unlike some other modern day PE treatments.  

If one of our therapists brings you over and over close to an orgasm and then suddenly stops stimulation, the big ending will feel even better, many fold amplified for all your nerve endings. 

Let one of our friendly, sensual and tactile therapists alleviate your symptoms by engaging you in this efficacious practice of starting and stopping you from reaching orgasm right when you are on the ‘edge”. Last longer and become more confident in your private intimate life with our nude PE "Edging" Therapy, always safe and supported.

Meet your Masseuse

A tantalizing dance on the brink of release


There are different needs for different PE challenges and we have created a programme to help you on your journey wherever you are at.

The types of PE Therapy Massage we offer are designed for: 

‘Ultra Sensitive’

This specifically tailored treatment is for men who are highly sensitive as well as highly excitable. If even the slightest touch and sensory stimulation might make you “spill the beans” then this is the best type of session for you.


We work extra gently and softly with you so that the session ends only when it is meant to; with its prolonged pleasure, suspense and energy.


We take the localised source of excitement and transmit it throughout your body, teaching you control through relaxation. We take your mind from the very train of thoughts so that you learn to attain prolonged heightened sensations.



This session is for those who are sensitive but who can withstand gentle strokes, touches and massage for limited period of time. Together we learn to increase your tolerance through experimentation using both emotional and physical stimulation. Just like in ‘ultra sensitive’, we prioritise prolonging sensations over early release. 

This is the most common and popular PE Therapy where in 1hr session we can go to the edge and back multiple times. We always discus prior to the session what your ideal edging session will bring for you.


This type of PE therapy is geared towards men who can last a prolonged time and who consider and enjoy ‘Edging Therapy’ as a means of furthering their self control and discipline. Physical touch-based control as well as emotional, verbal and visual-based control form part of this session. We encourage you to express yourself on how these combination of stimulations works for you. There are different levels of ‘Discipline’ duration to achieve. Go from 1mile to 5k to half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon 'Edging' session.


Tantric Edging optionally at the Milking Massage Table

at London Bridge location 

Benefits of 'Edging':

  • Last longer in bed

  • Increase the strength of your orgasm

  • Help you navigate premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

  • Edging de-emphasises orgasm, while still emphasising pleasure. 

  • Can help re-connection to your body to gain better awareness and for your mind to be in charge rather than your body. 

  • Can help you prolonging foreplay and s e x in your personal life

  • Can help with focus 

PE Therapy Massage Environment

We create a relaxed, soothing, supportive and very private and safe environment for you to be as comfortable as can be; relaxing music, hot oil, candles and our voice leading you steadily towards the edge and back manyfold. Each PE Therapy session begins with our naturist bodywork.

Image by christian buehner

Take control of your  experience and pleasure can create exciting, connected, mindful sessions of pleasure."

PE Edging Therapy History

Our Tantric Edging PE therapy sessions have some roots in ancient practices like Tantra and Taoism, which explore various aspects of sexuality and sexual control. These traditions emphasize the importance of mindfulness and breath control during sexual activity to enhance pleasure and prolong the experience.

Edging, believe it or not, is one of well established techniques for addressing premature ejaculation and it   gained recognition in the field of sexual therapy and education in the late 20th century. Therapists and educators began to incorporate the concept into their methods for helping individuals with premature ejaculation.

Edging is often used as part of a broader treatment plan for premature ejaculation, which may include also e.g.  behavioral techniques or counselling with a trained professional. 


It can help individuals become more in tune with their bodies and gradually build confidence in their ability to control their ejaculatory response.


PE can have various causes​ including psychological, physiological, and relationship factors. Therefore, it is useful to seek guidance from an experienced therapist to address your PE with Edging.

Top 10 Tips For Lasting Longer
Included in our PE Therapy

1. Learn better body awareness including awareness of your sexual excitement

2. Learn to relax despite being stimulated

3. Learn to prioritise sensations for longer over release

4. Learn the right breath work which keeps your heart rate steady

5. Be confident instead of let in to performance anxiety

6. Aim at sensing arousal with your parasympathetic system which is interlinked with relaxation

7. Emotional arousal is much more potent than physical arousal is so train your self staying for as much as possible within the physical arousal.

8. Learn to notice sensations heading to the edge, point of no return and going over the edge sensations. 

9. Learn how to do the invisible art of Kegel exercise which can help you to keep it in.

10. 'Edge' train yourself often and steadily increase your tolerance through experimentation

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Depending on your source of information, you will see different definitions of what actually is Premature Ejaculation. From a man not lasting more than 1min to not lasting long enough to satisfy one's partner. Ejaculation routinely occurs with little sexual stimulation and with very little control. In other words it is an ongoing inability of a man to voluntarily delay ejaculation.


There are natural ways how to control one's urge to orgasm prematurely, increase a period 

of lasting pleasure and at the same time satisfy one's partner. It may take time, perseverance as well as patience. Practice makes progress and we are here, to be one of your stepping stones, if you wish, implementing our PE Hands on, Therapeutic nude 'Edging'. 

With any queries please contact us at your convenience.

What are the causes of Premature Ejaculation?

There are various causes of Premature Ejaculation. From Physiological such as heightened penile sensitivity, abnormal levels of testosterone, inflamed prostate, weak pelvic floor muscles, to Psychological such as depression, history of sexual abuse, poor body image and lack of self-esteem, anxious state of mind including anxiety about sexual intimacy, ejaculating too quickly, psychological stressors, strict upbringing and beliefs about sex or negative sexual experience. ​​​​


We strive to offer a large dose of encouragement, support and warmth for our clients to overcome lack of self-esteem, angst about intimate contact, stress, negative beliefs about intimacy and poor body image. We believe with the right positive mindset and proper technique, PE can be overcome.

Who started PE Therapy and Why?

Did you know that Premature Ejaculation natural Therapy is over half a century old? 

It was first introduced by a renowned USA surgeon and urologist James H. Semans (1911- 2005) and named as 'stop-start method' in order to help men enjoy lasting longer pleasure prior to reaching orgasm. 

More on our 'Stop-Start Method' aka 'Edging' please read here.

Holistic edging can make you more conscious of your sexual reactions either to yourself or with your partner or one of our therapists. You might be surprised to learn that mindfulness, breathing and our PE therapy method can be all part of an effective method to tackle PE.

Life Long Vs. Acquired PE 

Usually men who experience Premature Ejaculation challenge can be one of the following:

Lifelong aka primary - it has been ongoing from the very first sexual encounter

Acquired aka secondary - something, such as a negative experience while having a sexual contact, can trigger Premature Ejaculation difficulty and can be challenging to reverse.

In Jan 2002 there was a study of 1326 men with PE where lifelong PE was present in 736 men (74.4 per cent) and acquired PE was present in 253 men (25.6 per cent).

Behaviour therapy in this case 'Start and Stop' technique aka 'Edging' can help training the mind and body in the right direction.

We do not offer or claim a quick solution with our PE Therapy, as we understand it can take time to tackle PE. We offer support, encouragement and our guidance in following the right technique which works within our sessions.

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