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White Tantra 

'Silently Looking into someone's eyes changes the entire conversation'   

- KushandWisdom 


​Inspired by various Eastern traditions, from Buddhism to Sufism and gaining popularity around the world for good reasons... 

Life begins outside of our comfort zones; experience this naked, potent parallel, ancient practice to find out more about yourself and connect with another human being on another level never experienced before. 

If you have a sense of appreciation for challenges you will love this naked practice.  

Allow to see and be seen in this short but deeply connecting and potent ancient practice tweaked the naked way. As much as many of us might have been told not to stare, this millennia old practice has been an integral part of Tantric, Buddhist, Sufi and Hindu traditions, bringing with it innumerable benefits to its practitioners. In these traditions, eyes have been considered the windows or portal into the soul. Maintaining eye contact, or eye gazing, would become a type of a meditation with the main aim of a deep connection and intimacy with one-self and another, opening one’s heart, expanding awareness, letting go of fear, breaking down barriers while increasing love and kindness.

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Finding your centre, one meditation at a time.

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