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Nude or Topless

Learn to love the skin you're in and embrace your body.

Alternative Cuddle Therapy

"Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism.”

Let yourself experience nurturing, soft, loving and caring cuddles - in your 'Birthday-Suit' or topless.

 Our cuddling is gentle and at all times safe with respectful boundaries in place. It is about the nourishing human touch and platonic intimacy.

Let yourself be guided by your chosen therapist to experience multiple Cuddle Positions and if you wish also combine your cuddles with our relaxing, slow pace massage Sensual Massage, helping to release an accumulated body tension or stress.

Feel free to talk, or just silently explore soft, light and sensuous touch, while being supported and cared for by one of our Masseuses. 

As much as your session is either nude or topless, there are boundaries not to be crossed, for more details please see our CUDDLE ETIQUETTE.

We invite you on a journey where sensuality, intimacy, cuddles and gentle touch combine and form a beautiful connective experience which is good for your mental and physical wellbeing.

therapist holding cuddlee
cuddler embracing her cudlee

Meet your Cuddle Masseuse

In-Joy Your Self Through Cuddles

Peaceful & Soothing 

Whether you are a complete cuddle beginner, intermediate or advanced cuddle we are inviting you to our comfortable, positive space to receive a warm embrace, snuggle and caring touch and attention.


We bundle up with cuddle seekers to whom cuddling is a 'foreign land'. We hug with cuddle seekers who would love to expand on their cuddle skills and cuddle positions repertoire. And of course the advanced cuddlees who simply like to brush up on their cuddle talent in our comforting, relaxing, safe and clean space . 

Where ever you are on your cuddle and a-la-natural confidence journey, we offer you our original, joyful and safe touch therapy which can contribute to your mental, physical and spiritual as well

as a better positive body image.


"There is something therapeutic about nudity... Take away the Guccis and Levi's and we are all the same."

- Kevin Bacon

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Cuddling Therapy Equals Benefits

Loving, caring, skin on skin human touch while cuddling releases oxytocin which is said to be the feel-good "love" hormone

Cuddling lowers the risk of a heart disease, reduces blood pressure.   

Can reduce pain and give off a feeling of happiness and peace.

A boosted immune system and overall increases positivity. 

Reduced social anxiety and stress: when in stressful situations, a simple hug from someone has the ability to increase levels of oxytocin. This, in turn, makes you feel better and more relaxed.

Better sleep as cuddling makes one feel more relaxed and happier, and less anxious, resulting in a more peaceful sleep. 

Boosts memory.

Improves communication.

Healthy in way of reducing stress, helping the immune system, counteracts depression, induces sleep.

Its invigorating, rejuvenating, has no unpleasant side effects. 

​Hugging is all natural, it is organic, naturally sweet, no artificial ingredients, non polluting, environmental friendly and 100% wholesome

​Hugging is the ideal gift for any occasion, good to give and receive, shows you care, fully returnable.

​Hugging is practically perfect. It is inflation proof, non taxable, underutilized resource with magical powers :)

A simple hug can be as uplifting as seeing a  rainbow

- Anonymous


Squeeze Hug

Potent, squeezy, full body hug whereby we as huggers, wrap our arms around our hugee - you :) - and giving each other a strong, warm, long embrace.

With or without gentle rocking. 

Comforter Hug

Comfortable, gentle, intuitive hug where your needs come first. Want to hug while standing, sitting, lying down?

Or rest your head on our shoulder or chest for your comfort? We will provide the most peaceful, relaxing, cozy hug

Shoulder to Shoulder Hug

We hug you or embrace you from the side, holding hands and arms around the shoulders or waist. 

Converse Hug

Let us give you a warm hug from behind, putting our arms around your waist. You will feel like the most comforted and comfortable huggee there is :)

Sandwich Hug

This fun and engaging hug requires you to be the tasty filling in the sandwich between two beautiful therapists. Lots of naked sensual squirming cuddle togetherness!

Back-to-front Hug

With bottoms touching we reach our arms around to embrace and then gently squeeze. A delightful and unusual cuddle but one full of joy and laughter

Tummy Hug

Feeling like you have low vibrations this gentle cuddle will wrap you in naked therapeutic warmth aiding your wellbeing in mind body and soul.

International Hugging Day

Is celebrated one day a year,  every January, since 1986.  The intention? To lift up the spirits and show emotions  ❤️

hug -min_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

In our private relaxing and clean cuddle and massage wellness studios we are grateful to have the naturist joy to cuddle and hug each and every day and in the process to flood our receivers with happy hormones and happy smiles.

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