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Therapists and Rates


ACCEPTED CURRENCIES:  British Pounds or its equivalent in Euros, U.S. Dollars plus the equivalent of £10 extra. 


Please note in some instances it is possible to pay DIGITALLY including bank transfer.

Discrete reference. 

Please let us know beforehand.  


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The Finest Authentic Tantra Artist and Cuddler

Our beautiful therapist Faith is a true delicate, cultured and extensively travelled Tantric artist with over 5 years of experience and expertise. She channels her skills to provide a tailor-made treatment deploying all her Eastern enlightening authentic Tantric knowledge and experience. This is interwoven with her personal wisdom to deliver a unique, person-centred approach.


Her emotionally detoxing, relaxing and re-setting naturist body work treatments are never the same; rather they all follow the individuals natural state that flows from a sense of delicate intuitive touch and gentle and respectful cuddling togetherness with targeted massage techniques unlike any other. The effect is to allow realignining the inner-self with new-found positivity restoring faith in themselves in both mind and body. 



  Faith fully engages emotionally and energetically in delivering her authentic sensuous tantric bodywork and therefore is in high demand. Due to the high quality treatments she undertakes only a limited number of appointments in any one day where she provides a safe space for clients to experience pleasure and release patterns that no longer serve. Faith assists you to form a more intimate and fulfilling bond with your-self, your mind and body and since everything starts with you in effect also better relationships with others.


Advanced booking is therefore highly recommended and encouraged.  Faith offers INCALL in the heart of MARYLEBONE in her private luxurious, clean, comfortable and relaxing apartment or OUTCALL in your private residence or hotel in Central London.

Treated Silk

Random Facts About Faith: 

  1.  On my walks I love seeing and hearing the colourful parakeets in St. James Park which adds vibrancy to my day.

  2. I am a big scooba diving enthusiast and my favourite place to observe marine life is Cozumel in Mexico. 

  3. The Royal Albert Hall is my most favourite cultural venue in London. 

  4. Sport in any shape of form is my passion. 

  5. I search for meaning and purpose, even in small things. 

  6. Having lived in a few different parts of the world made me stronger and more independent. 

  7. One of the things I enjoy while reading is a nice cup of green tea.  

  8. Spring is my favourite season for the myriad of various blossoms and flowers awakening to the new rhythm of nature. 

  9. I love to travel to hot and sunny destinations for dose of vitamin D

  10. I enjoy trying new foods and flavours. 

Faith's Fees are the following:

                               Incall                     Outcall

1hr                        £250                        N/A

1.5hr                    £350                        £450

2hr                        £500                        £600

Should you as well enjoy a longer Day Time Cuddle and Massage session, Overnight Cuddling Experience or 24 or 48 hours of Togetherness with Faith this could be arranged. Please let us know in advance. 

Traveling to see Faith by tube?

Closest stations:

Bond Street underground station (Jubillee, Central lines) cca 5min walk

Oxford Circus underground station (Bakerloo, Central, Victoria lines) 9min walk

Cuddle Praise:

'Thank you, this was an amazing and refreshing experience with Faith, enjoyed the cuddling part, Faith's delicate touch and her genuinely warm care and disposition

Marc, Kings Upon Thames, UK.

Thank you, that was lovely and I enjoyed this new cuddle experience with Faith, will be back soon! 

George, West End, London.

"I just wanted to thank you and compliment you for today Faith. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. It was great"

Eric, NYC, USA

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Charming Cuddler and Equisite Touch Alchemist

Hope loves people, always upbeat and cheerful, giving out a positive energy. She enjoys giving a gentle, therapeutic, skin on skin cuddling therapy for you to feel comfortable, destress, relax and be taken care of. Hope's massage can be tailored to your needs, be it softer, gentle touch firmer, deep tissue body workd. Hope's relaxing, cuddling is great for your mind and a tonic for your spirit, rejuvenating your every day life to start fresh and new. Her warm and sensuous touch transmits a naturally positive attitude she has for everyone.  Visit Hope for INCALL near the river Thames and only 5 min from THE SHARD in her private, very inviting, cozy, clean and modern studio or let her come  OUTCALL to your hotel or private residency in Central London.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Random Facts About Hope:

1. My life hack is…not to look back because I’m not going that way.

2. If I could have any superpower, it would be being in 2 places at the same time.

3. One thing I cannot live without is music.

4. I don’t need a lot of friends- just the great ones I have. 

5. My perfect day would start with ocean view.

6. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Fiji. 

7. One thing on my bucket list is sky diving.

8. I can’t stand it when people don't cover their mouths while yawning.

9. I love turtles. 

10. I think life is about to create solutions. 

Hope's fees are the following:

Incall                     Outcall

1hr                                £195                        £295

1.5hr                            £295                         £395

2hrs.                             £395                        £495

Did you find your session with Hope too short? If you would like to enjoy a longer Day Time Cuddle and Massage session, Overnight Cuddling Experience or 24 or 48 hours of Togetherness with Hope this could kindly be arranged. Please let us know in advance.

Traveling to see Hope by car or underground?

Re Parking:

Hope is situated in a busy area and parking is recommended on Park St nearby and walk about 2 min to her studio.


By Tube/Train:

London Bridge station - Jubilee, Northern underground lines and major train station hub. From there it is 4-7min depending on the exit you take.

Cuddle Praise:

'Hope takes great pleasure in sharing amazing sensual cuddles delivered with gentle, caring touch which coupled with a full body massage is out of this world. It felt amazing and worthy of a return very soon. Booking was so easy and very efficient.'

-Henry, Guernsey, UK

'Thank you, I wanted to say Hope was so warm and sensual - it was exactly what I needed. I can't believe how quickly the time went! Stay well.'

- ​Marco, West Surrey

"Thank you  so much to both of you. That was an amazing and wonderful experience to be cuddled and massaged by both of you. Am touched and humbled by your great kindness and warmth. Your beauty runs very deep xx"

- Gerald, Suffolk, UK.


Believer in Healing Power of Touch

Joy is a true global citizen with a passion for giving nurturing gentle therapeutic touch to all, whoever they are. Her intimate naturist massage and cuddling skin on skin togetherness is to be experienced, always delivered with caring touch providing a relaxing tender escape from the day's stresses and pressures. 

Joys has over four years experience of giving sensual nude hugs, snuggles and beautiful warm massage arousing all the senses and exuding positive vibes.

Joy can be found in her modern, cozy, eclectic private welcoming sanctuary a few moments from the SHARD for INCALL or alternatively an OUTCALL to your Central London hotel or private residency can be arranged. You will be glad you did.

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Random Facts About Joy

1. Thanks to the ‘ice man’ Wim Hoff I overcame my previous negative attitude for the cold. 

2. My favourite artist is Alex Grey 

3. I cannot wait to meet the Huichol indigenous community in the future. 

4. I think iguanas ability to camouflage is mesmerizing and a big wonder of nature.  

5. I collect a diverse mix of life’s experiences 

6. One of my favourite movies is Norman Cousin’s ‘Anatomy of an Illness.’ 

7. Indian and Thai cuisine create a smile on my face. 

8. I think traveling is one of the best informal education  

9. I could look at Magnolia blossoms all day long 

10. I would love to swim the English Channel challenge one day. 

Joy's fees are the following:

Incall                     Outcall

1hr                                £195                        £295

1.5hr                            £295                         £395

2hrs.                             £395                        £495

Did your session with Joy feel too brief? If you would like to enjoy a longer Day Time Cuddle and Massage session, Overnight Cuddling Experience or 24 or 48 hours of Togetherness with Joy this could kindly be arranged. Please let us know in advance.

Are you traveling to see Joy by car or tube?

Re Parking:

Joy is based in a bustling area of Central London and parking is suggested on Park St nearby and walk couple min to her studio.


By Tube/Train:

London Bridge station - Northern or Jubilee tube lines and major train station hub. From there it is 4-7min depending on the exit you take.

Cuddle Praise:

"Thank you Joy, you have such a warm, peaceful, positive and welcoming personality, this coupled with us being naturist, I felt it was so easy for me to open up with my very private and intimacy related matter. Thank you!"

​- Esteban, Bern, Switzerland

"Hey Joy, I just wanted to say thank you for all the times you've seen me. I know its part of the service but you always make me feel very welcome and relaxed. Take care."

​- Peter, Greenwich, UK

"Thank you for the best session I've had so far Joy. You are one of a kind!

Your affectionate, respectful and admiring client"

​​- Jerry, Manchester, UK


Comforting Cuddler and Happy Mood Booster

destiny therapist min .JPG

Destiny is a natural hugger with a grounding, firm yet gentle embrace, which makes you physically feel leaving any stress, sadness or loneliness behind. Destiny believes touch is essential in anyone's life be it in form of hugs, snuggles or just holding hands. If you feel in need of a beautiful, relaxing cuddling experience with sensuous undertone, Destiny offers her MOBILE/OUTCALL service and can visit you in your hotel or private residency in Central London. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Random Facts About Destiny: 

  1. I love the thrill of galloping across the beach.

  2. My favourite foods are spicy and vegan. 

  3. Arriving at a new destination and feeling the warm sun on my body as I get off the plane is so exciting . 

  4. Staying fit and eating well are at the core of my every day. 

  5. I meditate and give gratitude for all I have every day. 

  6. I love reading as well as going to the movies. 

  7. Family is really important to me but I can't be without my friends .  

  8. Swimming naked in warm seas makes me feel so good and close to nature. 

  9. I love stargazing on a clear dark night. 

  10.  I want to hot air balloon across the desert

Destiny's Fees are the following:

1hr                                                             £295
1.5hr                                                         £395
2hr                                                             £495

Would you prefer a longer session with Destiny? She is also open to a longer Day Time Cuddle and Massage session, Overnight Cuddling Experience or 24 or 48 hours of Togetherness which can be arranged. Please let us know in advance.

Cuddle Praise:

"Thank you, I had an amazing fusion of cuddle and massage with Destiny in my hotel. Best jet lag remedy I could have wished for!"

Aaron, Dubai, UAE

"It was a delightful time with Destiny, I didnt even feel like massage, the cuddling was just what I needed! Thank you!

Frank, Manchaster, UK