The Finest Authentic Tantra Artist

Image by Luiz Rogério Nunes

Faith's Therapeutic Modalities:

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Sensual Tantric Massage

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BodySomatic Healing

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Swedish Sensual Massage

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Body to body massage

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Consensual Lingam Massage

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our experienced certified therapist Faith
Image by Nora Hutton

Faith's Fees are:

                               Incall                     Outcall

1hr                          £250                        N/A

1.5hr                       £350                        £450

2hr                         £500                        £600

2.5hr                      £600                        £700

3hrs                       £700                        £800

* Please be punctual otherwise your therapist cannot     guarantee full session length.


CASH/CARD ACCEPTED Including Euro or U.S. Dollars

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DISCREET Reference Assured

Extended cuddle sessions (3.5hrs+ ) come with negotiable rates. Please contact us for your quote.

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Faith offers INCALL appointments in the heart of MARYLEBONE in her private luxurious, clean, comfortable and relaxing apartment or OUTCALL in 4* and 5* hotels in CENTRAL LONDON.

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Faith fully engages emotionally and energetically in delivering her Tantric Bodywork, including Tantric 'Edging', and therefore is in high demand. Due to the high quality treatments she undertakes only a limited number of appointments in any one day where she provides a safe space for clients to experience pleasure and release patterns that no longer serve.


Faith assists you to form a more intimate and fulfilling bond with yourself, your mind and your body and since everything starts with you this helps create better relationships with others.

Image by Monika Kozub

Faith is a true delicate, cultured and very well travelled European Tantric artist. She channels her skills to provide a tailor-made treatment deploying all her Eastern enlightening authentic Tantric knowledge and experience she has gathered in the last five years. This is interwoven with her personal wisdom to deliver a unique, person-centred approach.


Her emotionally detoxing, relaxing and re-setting naturist body work and cuddle treatments are never the same; rather they all follow the individual's natural state that flows from a sense of delicate intuitive touch and gentle and respectful togetherness with targeted massage techniques. You can as well opt for her Tantric  'Edging' therapy which is unlike any other. The effect is to allow a realignment of the inner-self with a new-found positivity restoring faith in oneself in both mind and body. 

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Image by Dainis Graveris

Faith leads a healthy life style on all levels. In her spare time Faith enjoys spending time in nature, practice Yoga, gym and other forms of exercise including adrenaline sports. 

Besides other certifications she has also received

Body Somatic therapy and  Life Coaching credentials from the Tantra Institute of London, UK.


To engage her mind Faith is a constant learner and pursues self study of various disciplines relating to human wellness. 

Image by Dainis Graveris

Random Facts About Faith

  1. On my walks I love seeing and hearing the colourful parakeets in St. James Park which adds vibrancy to my day.

  2. I am a big scooba diving enthusiast and my favourite place to observe marine life is Cozumel in Mexico. 

  3. The Royal Albert Hall is my most favourite cultural venue in London. 

  4. Sport in any shape of form is my passion. 

  5. I search for meaning and purpose, even in small things. 

  6. Having lived in a few different parts of the world made me stronger and more independent. 

  7. One of the things I enjoy while reading is a nice cup of green tea.  

  8. Spring is my favourite season for the myriad of various blossoms and flowers awakening to the new rhythm of nature. 

  9. I love to travel to hot and sunny destinations for dose of vitamin D. 

  10. I enjoy trying new foods and flavours.

Image by Rachel Martin


'Thank you, this was an amazing and refreshing experience with Faith, enjoyed the cuddling part, Faith's delicate touch and her genuinely warm care and disposition.

- Marc, Kings Upon Thames

Thank you, that was lovely and I enjoyed this new cuddle experience with Faith. She is very classy and knowledgeable. I will be back soon! 

- George, West End, London.

"I just wanted to thank you and compliment you for today Faith. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. It was great"

​- Eric, NYC, USA

Amazing, Thank you  

- J, London, UK

Enjoyed the warm hugs, great massage and chat, I  will be coming back soon thank you. 

- Andy, Kent, UK

It was a welcoming change to experience something different today with Faith. I enjoyed the PE therapy and Faith's professionalism yet warmth and kindness.

- M, Midlands, UK

Beautiful inside out. Thank you Grace for arranging.

- R, USA

That was amazing. Please thank Faith for me for the whole experience, she was a really connected person. 

- C, UK

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