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Image by Susan Wilkinson

If you are someone who enjoys ASMR you can try our short sensuous ASMR incorporated into a session,  an intriguing form of deep relaxation causing 'braingasm' in many of its receivers. Let us bring about various subtleties of sounds, whispering, ASMR items and our magic all intertwined for you to experience an amazing 'brain massage' wondrous form of sound sensuality.

ASMR acronym standing for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response was coined over a decade ago even though this phenomena has existed for centuries... Not every one is to feel the effects of this form of deep relaxation albeit around 65% of population do. Some of the effects of ASMR are a sensation of tingling starting in the head and going down the spine and all over the body. Sensation of deep fuzzy relaxing comfort, release of endorphines, oxytocine and dopamine, all promoting a feeling of happiness. 

Image by Alexander Grey

Optional ASMR experience comes with a booking of a min 2hr session. 

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