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Rediscovering  Sensuality

Ceasing being in your head and getting into your body

During your Sensual Tantric Massage you experience with us:

Warm, skin on skin embrace and closeness


Gentle, soft as well as firm and pleasurable touch and stroking to arouse all your senses 

Optional short Deep body work if you wish to let the stress away

Sensual combination of Swedish and Hawaiian massage

You feel our bare skin on yours as we massage your biggest organ - skin - with ours also known as arousing and sensuous body on body sliding

Light feathering sensuality inducing element

Hot oil dripping on your body creating a blissful sensation 

Relaxing and nurturing your mind and body

Massaging your erogenous zones including inner thighs, buttocks, perineum and genitals  to achieve arousal 

We can as well add sensual accessories such as blindfolds, hot and cold sensations, aromatherapy oils, silk, massage candle.

Your sensual Tantric treatment is completed with the “sadness, stress, frustration rubbing” which is virtually a lingam massage during which the emission of “serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and ” is increased and  “cortisol” is decreased thus releasing all negative emotions.

We strictly exercise Attention to Detail:

Privacy: strict privacy code, you are seen only by your chosen therapist in a discreet, private property.
Decor: luxurious, soothing atmosphere in modern studios
Music: ambience relaxing, soothing collection of music that pairs well with sensuality
Hygiene: clean shower facility and bathroom with fresh, clean towels. Personal top hygiene. 
Comfort: pillows, sofa, 
Ambience: dimmed light and candles with optional aromatherapy 
Warmth: our warm hands, body heat and extra heat if neede
Air: fresh air let in in between appointments​

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