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Touch - an innate need in ourselves

We are hard wired for touch. From the time of conception till old age we thrive on warm, loving touch. To touch and be touched; whether it'd be in form of hugs, cuddles, casual touch, holding hands, or intimacies within a relationship. Be it from our nurturing mother, other family member, lover or a friend it is an essential biological need. Human touch deserves as much attention as all the other senses we have. Epigenetics, a study of the realisation that our environment shapes the way certain genes are turned on or off, includes healing and nurturing touch. It has the power to enhance mood and improve emotional responses to stressful situations.

You can listen to an interesting talk of Professor Francis McGlone, who has devoted years studying the subject of touch ...

We at NudeTherapyLondon offer a kind of laboratory of touch where you can try for your self different types of touch as well as therapeutic skin on skin cuddling, sensuous massage and some creative nude activities you would enjoy :)


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