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Therapeutic, Naturist, Neo Tantric style massage and its Benefits

When arranging a tender, nurturing naturist cuddle session why not combine it with a lovely, caring, full body naturist, therapeutic, slow pace massage as well. A quality massage benefits are indisputable and make you feel revived and renewed both in mind and body.

A quality restorative massage has the capacity to help with:

*lowering your blood pressure

*improving the quality of your sleep

*improving blood and lymph circulation and flow consequently aids in removing toxins

*reducing the swelling of soft tissue

*decreasing the production of stress hormones

*increasing level of serotonin

*positively affecting our mood, emotions and thoughts

*reducing the risks of hypertension, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, digestive disorders, cardiac arrhythmias

*improving joint mobility and healing process

*improving the functioning of muscles and organs

*decreasing pain and increasing mobility

*alleviating chronic pain, arthritis, sore muscles

*reducing anxiety, anger, aggression

*improving mood, sleep patters

*lessening depression and stress

*positively affecting mood, thoughts and emotions

*reducing sexual dysfunction

*reducing digestive disorders as well. as cardiac arrhythmia

A quality, intuitive, relaxing, sensual massage is not all powerful means to feel and be well yet can be a complimentary addition to your well-being. So add lovely massage time to your naturist cuddle session if you like and feel its benefits for your self.


International Institute for Complimentary therapists

How massage therapy can help your health and well-being, by IICT Member Tess Pajaron, Open Colleges, 12 March 2015.


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