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The World Naked Bike Ride

In today's fast moving world there are some people prepared to bare all (that right being bare, nude, naked in their birthday suit or whatever term you wish to use) and in doing so raise, in the form of a global protest movement, awareness of issues that are less fast paced such as safety of cyclists on the road alongside global issues such as reducing oil dependence and saving the planet. The World Naked Bike Ride rides take place in cities around the world.

Their web site's stated themes are to:

  • protest against the global dependency on oil

  • curb car culture

  • obtain real rights for cyclists

  • demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets

  • celebrate body freedom

Being nude or naked can be fun and this is promoted by WNBR "it can also be the best fun you can ever have on two wheels". There are some who are more than happy to be Naked in the middle of one of the world's largest cities, for others actually being Nude takes a bit more courage especially with all the crowds that line the route to watch! It's not quite the same as sitting on a beach soaking up the sun! They cater to all who want to participate "It is a “naked bike ride” but you can be “as bare as you dare” – body painting and fancy dress are welcome" and it's legal!

At Nude Therapy we encourage acceptance of one's own body, to love and appreciate you as you. Perhaps some time spent with us will give you encouragement to join in the next WNBR in whichever city you find yourself in June 2022!

Save the date Saturday 11th June 2022 (to be confirmed)


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