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The Wheel of Consent

“The Wheel of Consent is a foundational tool for all human relating – between friends, family, colleagues and intimate partners”.

- Dr. Betty Martin, founder.

When I first heard of The Wheel of Consent, I was under the impression it related to physical touch. In fact it relates to even more than this; in fact it is a revelation, connected to all types of interactions among all of us, making it a massively fascinating and useful tool if one become conscious of its simply interwoven fabric.

Created by Dr. Betty Martin, former chiropractor, certified surrogate partner, certified Sexological Bodyworker, erotic adventurer and intimacy coach and a recent publisher of her well acclaimed book "The Art of Receiving and Giving".

In her over 40 years long hands on practice she had started seeing patterns in human behaviour including sensual touch upon which she developed the Wheel of Touch concept, which has gone viral since, especially so in the self-development and authentic Tantra practitioners, seekers and enthusiasts.

The Wheel of Consent is intended for anyone wanting to create a healthy (touch as well as non touch) communication not just with their intimate partners but also across any other forms of relationships in our lives, be it friends, family, colleagues, business partners etc. Not only that, it helps to create a better connection to one's own body including sensuality and expanding on one's sensual potential. The Wheel of Consent, illustrates a conceptual map of a four dynamic wheel relating to giving and receiving and expressing our wants, desires, concerns and consent.

There are lots of useful videos and articles explaining the the Wheel of Consent and we can utilise this new found knowledge to transform every relationship in our life - be it in intimate, family, business life including interpersonal challenges. There is always a room for improvement in all areas of life and the Wheel of Consent can be yet another missing part to see better the whole picture.

With warm cuddles,

NTLondon xx


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