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Touch in Tantric Approach

Tantra, as well as Tantric massage, focuses on connection, expansion, acceptance and positive intentions. Tantra does not rely on just the power of touch. It harnesses and incorporates other techniques as well such as relaxation, breathing etc. By tapping into our energies, tantric massage helps enhance our bodily senses.

With a Tantric massage also comes in mind pleasure. It should be embraced rather than avoided. To maximise the benefits of tantric massage, it is essential to surrender and feel pleasurable sensations, being cared for and feel a soothing pleasurable touch. Letting go and being in the moment is part of the experience. Surrendering our worries of the past and future to become more aware of each moment as well as experience the most subtle sensations.

Trying a combination of cuddling and Tantric massage go hand in hand to increase positive attitude, abundance of smiles and feeling of cheerfulness. We only live once so its good to try! 🌺


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