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The Need for Subtle Intimacies by Women AND Men

Sometimes in life men don't find it easy attracting the attention or retaining the interest of the fairer sex. Their body chemistry, not enough of optimal confidence and vibe can need tuning.

If you feel like this and you are having difficulty then we at NudeTherapy can help. Let us become your “touch laboratory” guiding you to gentle nurturing, loving, respectful and sensual caresses using our own bodies as your map and compass. Women love caring, soft, slow paced conscious touch and to be honest, men DO too. With new found confidence explore with deft touch the female body imparting positive energy and loving emotion through your fingertips. Tap into the female frequency and gradually build the levels of confidence and intimacy. Our beautiful therapists are ready to work with you building better tactile awareness and self esteem.

With a hug,

Grace x


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