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Tantric Massage vs Sensual Massage

Here at NT we get to ask at times the question "what is the difference between genuine Tantra Massage and Sensual Massage "? Both Tantric Massage and Sensual Massage share a level of the physical aspect, though energy wise and in way of its outcome they are very different; nonetheless they are therapeutic in their own right. Genuine Tantric Massage originated in the East and it is a spiritual practice where the true approach includes subtle touch, pressure points, slow rhythmic breathwork (to help increase the inner energy, create a deep relaxation and help one increase body awareness) as well as therapeutic massage. The aim of Eastern Tantric Massage is energy healing, expansion of consciousness, love and a deeper emotional connection to one self and others. Often a profound energy release is accomplished and often times a release through crying , body shuddering and shaking. To perform a true Tantric massage one needs to be not only trained and experienced but also to be intuitive and have a good understanding of the different layers of the psychology of the mind and function of the body. Being able to understand the different qualities of touch is also important as this is where direct contact is experienced. Genuine Tantricas also dedicate their time to nurturing and developing their own mind and body through for example meditation, yoga, body work, Tantra workshops, self development and such. Depending whom you ask you will get different responses concerning what a Sensual Massage actually means . For us, Sensual Massage is a combination of a relaxing yet arousing and flowing naturist Swedish full body massage including intimate areas, body to body massage, gentle and caring touch as well as firm touch and body sliding. Hot oil and optional sensual aromatherapy oils are used to increase levels of relaxation resulting in a positive therapeutic massage. The two are quite different each with their own therapeutic qualities one being spiritual and the other sensual - which is best for you? Here at Nude Therapy we offer both alongside our naturist cuddling and would be delighted to receive you to explore what your mind and body needs.

Have a beautiful day and we hope to see you soon.

NTLondon 🌼


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