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Tantric Duo Yoga Benefits

Here at Nude Therapy we thought we would look at the connection between being naturist and the ancient practice of Yoga. There are extensitve benefits of practicing yoga and even more so nude, as nature intended or as sometimes said "in your birthday suit! It turns out there is much to gain! :)

Yoga is immensely good for us both physically and mentally where proven benefits include, reduction of stress, energy increase, improved strength and flexibility as well as it being good for our breathing, heart and brain function. Tantric Duo Yoga has even more benefits but to do naturist Yoga you first have to take off your clothes and this is often the biggest hurdle for many aspiring bare Yogis. Self acceptance is key but once across the threshold many don't turn back but go on to enjoy the benefits of couple nude Yoga has to offer. Tantric Duo Yoga could be for you if you are looking to expand one's mind-body connection. In essence this is what we at Nude Therapy are advocating.

A celebration of the human form which encourages us to love our own Body Image. We are all unique and have our own abilities which we should be proud of. Being nude and doing duo Tantric yoga with one another teaches us to accept ourselves for who we are and to be strong and confident - improving our self-esteem and seeing a positive body image. Feelings of shame melt away and confidence grows. Mankind has imposed a view on itself that being without clothes is socially wrong. Nude yoga helps us to be free to celebrate who we are and what we can be. Being naturist or nude makes us appear vulnerable. Vulnerability gives us the opportunity to explore ourselves and surprisingly it can be very good for our self esteem.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection is empowered. by removing our restrictive outer layer of clothing to get to the real us we are promoting a greater sense of freedom, confidence, and an appreciation for our body. Observing and touching our bodies as we stretch and move whilst practicing yoga in our 'Birthday suit' results in a greater, more meaningful and sensual connection with ourselves. This connection or awareness allows us to transcend our man-made fears and embrace a higher consciousness. On a practical level being Nude allows us to see how we are functioning thus making it easier to tweak and change our poses to get the most benefit. Naturist Tantric yoga in front of a full-length is an ideal way to study our form and shape! Being in a room full of other nude yogis (or at home alone for that matter), as nature intended, is about accepting that yoga can be done nude and is good for us. We benefit from this immune boosting practice, we respect and love ourselves, we shed toxic emotions and give ourselves the opportunity to join together our mind, body and soul

Is it sexy? Yoga itself might not be so sexy but nude yoga makes us feel good releasing a whole raft of feel-good hormones. It makes us more aware of ourselves and our sexuality. Getting past our negative insecure thoughts and feelings and being happy and self-assured, being liberated is indeed sexy and laugh out loud fun! It takes courage to bare all and it has been reported that its empowering and can improve sexual confidence

A better World? Well maybe not as far as World Peace but that thought is in itself wonderful. Our Tantric Duo Yoga breaks down judgement and gives us acceptance and compassion of ourselves and others and this brings about a greater level of love. What if more and more of us took up tantric yoga? We could see the ripple effect across our communities and beyond!


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