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Tantric breathing techniques

We might not be conscious of our breathing and its importance in our day to day life. Tantra as well as other practice including psychotherapy believe and practice proper breathing techniques and attribute lots of benefit to it, be it easing of stress, relieving tension, promoting relaxation. Breathing deeply and through the belly more oxygen gets into the blood stream which can heighten pleasure.

Tantra breathing practice - avoiding any food at least 2 hrs prior, wearing comfortable clothes and sitting in lotus position, close your moth and inhale through the nose, letting in as much air as possible, feeling your tummy rise. Ribs stay flat. This is full inhale. Breath out slowly through the mouth. Feel free to let out a 'hah' sound. Some Tantric practitioners combine 10-20 min of this exercise with a partner with eye gazing meditation to create a profound experience.

Try Tantric breathing alongside your Tantric massage and cuddling therapy to receive a unique experience and escape for a moment to the hustle and bustle of wintery London.


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