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Tantra Practice

Tantra as a spiritual phenomenon affected all the Indian religions to some degree. It was a new way of doing spiritual practice that was deeply influential, though it was undertaken by a small percentage the total population. Tantra is a mode of practice that isn not of any new religion, though it is found as the esoteric dimension of many religions. "The Indian religions that it influenced were Shaivisim, Buddhism, Vaishnavism, Jainism, and Indian Islam. Tibetan Buddhism is almost completely tantric.

Some of the features that characterise Tantra as a spiritual movement are:

* alternative path

* yoga

* spiritual physiology (i.e. subtle body and chakras) and kundalini

* nondualism

* revaluation of the body

* necessity of initiation and importance of esotericism

* revaluation of "negative" mental states

* importance of sakti (power, energy)

* the cultivation of bliss

* spontaneity

* special types of meditation that aim to transform the individual into an embodiment of the divine after a short span of time

* yogic meditation

* utilisation of "sexual yogas"

* mantras

* mandala

True Tantric teachings and practices are both accessible and powerfully effective for Westerners.

At Nude Therapy London you can as well experience Tantric massage and other aspects of Tantra to help you unwind, recharge and connect.


Tantra Illuminated (The philosophy, history, and practice of a timeless tradition)

Christopher D. Walis, 2013.


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