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Penis Celebrations in Japan and Thailand

Did you know that around the world there are festivals and shrines devoted to the male organ? Yes the penis.

In Japan there is an annual festival in Kawasaki each first Sunday in April. Up to 100,000 participants worshiping the penis with many strange sights like ice lolly shaped penis together with precessions carrying huge members.

Steeped in myth and legend it’s the retellling of the story where a steel phallic destroyed the sharp toothed demon hiding inside the Goddess’s vagina who had bitten off the phalluses of her first two husbands.

Over in Thailand there are many shrines devoted to the penis. These shrines are there for the purpose of fertility so beware of the potential consequences of visiting.

In the province of Krabi the story goes that the Princess Goddess, lives within the shrines having been killed in a shipwreck near to the shrines.

There are many others with their own legends and followers.

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With good vibes only,

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28 July 2017


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