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P O R N and Cuddles

Contribution by Anonymous.

I did a quick survey today of the top shelves in local newsagents. Not one copy of an "adult mag" could be seen anywhere. Not surprising really given the technology led world we live in today. The WEB is the perfect platform for today's adult industry and given its universal accessibility this has made old fashioned media a thing of the past.The thing about top shelf magazines was that there was a certain amount of courage needed to reach up and select the magazine of choice, wander to the counter and face down any disapproving looks -very much a deterrent.

Today's adult material is available in every conceivable format every second of every day with only a password protection to navigate. So is porn a bad thing - some say yes but if most of us are truly honest there is or has been a place in our youth for it and yes we really quite enjoyed it. Often it was the first glimps of how the opposite sex looked and in some ways was "educational". Today there are millions of videos covering so much more than the top shelf ever could but whether old style or new what we are really missing is the touch of a human - cuddling, embracing, skin on skin soft touch, snuggling and gentle intimacy. It seems to me that in the "old days" it was a temporary interlude, part of growing up so to speak before we moved on to the real thing - skin on skin human interaction and touch through cuddling and intimate embrace.. Only a small minority might be said to have been addicted, unlike today where addiction to the world of on screen material seems to be getting worse. This is a sad development but perhaps not surprising. It would appear many adolescents and young, and dare I say even middle aged, men are"trapped" in a world where the true reality of interaction with women has been lost or distorted in such a way that it makes relationships difficult or impossible. The conditioning and expectations as a result of so many on screen hours are making life hard for those seeking relationships, they are missing out on intimacy, cuddling, snuggling and skin on skin touch.

Here at Nude Therapy London we wish to offer some help to those who feel trapped. We would like to help press the "reset button" by introducing gentle, non judgemental interaction with the opposite sex, in a safe environment. Spend time with real women, naked if you like. The opportunity to move away from the online world and to start experiencing gentle nurturing touch and true feelings through naked touch, snuggle and gentle intimacy Let us know about your experiences so we can help tailor sessions for you.

With love and cuddles ❤️

Grace x


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