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Our Tantric Massage Explained

We aim to take you to on a journey to achieve a heightened state of self love through delicate touch and intimate connection.

True eastern tantra differs from the now diluted and ubiquitous western Tantric massage with its overt sexual over tones

Eastern tantra is a wonderful way to connect with another human and their energy field. There is so much more to it than an erotic massage.

Eastern Tantra has a deep spiritual foundation and is based on harmonising and strengthening of energy between partners giving an opportunity of deepening ones spiritual and physical understanding.

Our tantric massage

We offer so much more than an “erotic massage”– let us explain.

Eastern based Tantra is an ancient treatment yet when combined with western techniques connects the spiritual and the erotic in a way that delivers deep understanding and joy.

Each session is delivered to the needs of the client delivering a personalised treatment that balances and harmonises the spiritual and erotic

Relaxation and peace in body and mind is the objective. We want you to enjoy and be connected to the moment. Always without fear of judgement. There is no wrong way.

We seek to tap into your energy centres and use this energy to balance you spiritually and sexually bringing an awakening within you.

Our tantric massage is a full-body Nude massage that stirs the chakras sexual energy in you retaining it within and moving it to the heart centre. An internal orgasm if you like. It’s about the energy release within in that moment not the physical outpouring, though this can happen too.

A journey of heightened pleasure sustained throughout the session and not lost in a brief moment. The energy builds within creating a prolonged and pleasurable experience. A state of trance resulting in a full climax. You can always start your session with our Naturist Cuddle Therapy first and then receive our therapeutic, relaxing yet sensual and arousing massage therapy.

We would be delighted to see you at our therapy studios in Central London with its tranquil and peaceful ambiance or for outcall to your central London hotel.

With caring naturist hugs

NTLondon🌺 Tribe


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