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"Nudity really is a great leveller and so relaxing"

British wonderful couple Donna and John love doing everything naked from gardening baking. Nudity "makes everything feel better" they say, having for the first time explored naturism since 2010. Experiencing swimming in the ocean with water getting everywhere, Donna wonders “why swimming costumes had been invented. They don’t keep you dry or warm, what purpose do they serve?

Swimming naked really is amazing. There’s nothing else quite like it, it makes you question why we wear swimming costumes or trunks at all. And generally, relaxing with no clothes on, you realise how much more comfortable you fee. That first time was so memorable – liberating is definitely the word.”

Progressively John and Donna started embracing more naturist activities, from naturist bars, restaurant, decoration, painting. " The more time we spent with other naturists, the less we wore clothes at home"

The couple also find the naturist community very warm.

“It’s well known that naturists are very friendly and honest people, and very relaxing to be around,” Donna says. “It’s surprising how comfortable you feel naked after the first five or 10 minutes. There are no designer suits to hide behind. You could be talking to a road sweeper or a financial broker. Nudity really is a great leveller and so relaxing.”

We at Nude Therapy London perform nude Tantric massage, birthday suit cuddling therapy as well as skin on skin touch and nude fun activities - all relaxing, safe, natural, therapeutic and fuzzy - allow yourself to have some 'me time' and for your body and mind to enjoy numerous benefits of sharing time in the nude.

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