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Doria's "The Naked Yoga Effect"

You will know me as Grace the receptionist arranging wonderful sessions for you but today I want to tell you about my recent adventure.

Well I finally did it, after two and a half years, disrupted by covid, I got out from "behind the desk" and attended my first naked yoga class with the amazing (and very supple) Doria Gani. Along held desire to join like minded "Doritos" as they are affectionately known for an hour of wonderful yoga NAKED! yeahhh :) The small discrete studio in west London was the venue for the session - there were 7 of us in all with Doria live streaming to online participants too A mixed group of Doritos all very welcoming and all very comfortable in their birthday suits, it made for a very happy and relaxed atmosphere. The yoga was challenging but not so challenging so as not to be able to keep up - I felt amazing afterwards. The days tension evaporated. Doria started naked yoga as part of her recovery from cancer and now has a loyal following working in person and online from exotic locations such as the Maldives and she has even written a book “THE NAKED YOGA EFFECT” Here at NT, besides our Cuddle Therapy and Sensual Tantric Massage we also offer Holistic Extras such as

Duo Yoga, which is only a super short fun session to put a smile on your face. If you fancy the full hour then make your way to Doria it's amazing! Now back at my desk I wonder what will be my next adventure? With love Grace xxx


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