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Leaving Behind "The Mask You Live In"

Many men will have been told as children “not to cry” or to “man up” and more. The persona that a man has to be the “tough guy” is engrained in their psyche from such a young age. This is highlighted in the amazing documentary THE MASK YOU LIVE IN, a fascinating program on the damage this does to boys and young men and it’s repercussions through society. As human beings man has emotional and physical needs that just aren’t being often met because of the way society has conditioned us as to how men should be. This is unwittingly passed from generation to generation. Wether or not they admit it to friends and family or to themselves men are in need of so much more than the tough guy exterior.

To be a balanced human being man should be taught from a young age to embrace the new emotions of all kinds, to evolve with a broad spectrum of feelings and the ability, without fear or ridicule, to express these. From our experience here at NT “real” men like and enjoy the softness and gentleness experienced in a nurturing and non judgmental environment.

The opportunity to forgot all about being tough and openly express softness and gentleness allows them to get a little reset from the conditioned expectation found on the other side of our front door. For those men who are conditioned that they need to just be tough and who break away from society’s pressure and find their way to us soon have the opportunity to better understand that this softer side is part of who they truly are.

For many it’s a learning experience on a journey to discover their own emotional and physical needs as well as an opportunity to discover those subtle intimacies that many women enjoy - soothing cuddles, warm timeless embrace, peaceful sensuous snuggle. By taking the step to unravel society’s expectations then both the man and his partner or future partner in life will have much to gain. Exploring one’s emotional landscape often reveals suppressed physical desires and here at NT we welcome this respectful enquiry. At NT our experienced, friendly and kind therapists enjoy the interaction with Gentle-men providing a safe environment for them to express themselves without fear and without judgment in a nurturing and safe space.

You can enjoy a session full of various cuddle positions or combined with a lovely, relaxing, therapeutic and sensual Tantric massage of your chosen pressure letting any tension dissipate.

Much love,

NT ❤️💛💚


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