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Largest Naked City

adding sensuality to a massage London Bridge

Largest Naked City on Earth and it’s closer than you might think just a two hour flight from Gatwick!

If you have still not decided where to go on holiday and like us you enjoy unique experiences, then what about a trip to Cap d’Agde in the south of France which is also nicknamed the biggest nude town in the whole world.

The town gets up to 40,000 visitors each year and enjoying this destination is best done in the sunny summer weather.

If like us here at Nude Therapy you are confident walking around naked and being active in the nude or you are new to naturism and slowly gaining a better body positivity in your unadorned self, this place is sure to give you an experience of your life time.

You can enjoy the Mediterranean beach, a delicious meal in one of exquisite restaurants, go to a post office, supermarket, hairdresser, optician, boutiques even the fishmongers or even bank in your Birthday Suit.

As we get back to how we were first “dressed” when born (in our ‘Birthday Suit’) it appears to have a social levelling effect within our human relations. It seems that in taking off our clothes we loose our social status and get back to our natural self.

We spend many lovely hours naked and If you would like to try our original alternative intimate naturist Cuddle Therapy in our Birthday-Suit we are here for you.

At Nude Therapy you can enjoy pure cuddles with hugs a la natural where time seems to vanish with each and every cuddle position. Or you can enjoy cuddles AND our Sensual or Tantric Massage and not forgetting our wonderful Holistic Extras.

With warmest hugs

NTLondon 🌺


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