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Hugging Saint Amma

Hugs - simple and easy, yet so powerful...

No one probably knows more about the art of hugging than Amma, a well known Hindu spiritual guru known as the hugging saint. Amma has joyfully hugged more than 37 million people worldwide both in her homeland India as well as internationally. Her fervent judgment-free embrace has given comfort, hope and sense of human connection to masses 🤗

Here at Nude Therapy London we give warm, loving, Tantric gentle hugs. Let us take care of you, treat you for a sensual fuzzy massage, touch experience and cuddling therapeutic skin on skin participation if you like, for your body and mind.


Main Squeeze: Amma's Mission to Transform Humanity Through the Power of a Hug

O, The Oprah Magazine, by Meredith Bryan, Dec 2013.


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