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Lifelong vs Acquired PE

Usually men who experience Premature Ejaculation challenge can be one of the following:

Lifelong aka primary - it has been ongoing from the very first sexual encounter

Acquired aka secondary - something, such as a negative experience while having a sexual contact, can trigger Premature Ejaculation difficulty and can be challenging to reverse.

In Jan 2002 there was a study of 1326 men with PE where lifelong PE was present in 736 men (74.4 per cent) and acquired PE was present in 253 men (25.6 per cent).

Behaviour therapy in this case 'Start and Stop' technique aka 'Edging' can help training the mind and body in the right direction.

We do not offer or claim a quick solution with our PE Therapy, as we understand it can take time to tackle PE. We offer support, encouragement and our guidance in following the right technique which works within our sessions.

With wellness in mind,

NTLondon 💛


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