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Flowing, Tension Releasing Touch Massage

Massage - the benefits of Human Touch There is nothing like the touch from human to human. It is the connection of mind, body and soul that makes massage so comforting and relaxing and therefore beneficial. In today's world we seem to have lost our way when it comes to touch - we seem to have lost the instinct through imposition of man made rules and etiquette unlike the senses of a child who seeks comfort through touch. By denying ourselves, and each other, of this sensory experience we are more tense, this tension is stored up in our minds and bodies. Why massage - what are the benefits to us? Massage releases this tension physically and physical contact can also release oxytocin, often called the "feel-good hormone" reducing stress. It also can reduce pain, lower blood-sugar levels, improve immunity to infection and illness and improve lung function. Wider benefits include reduction in muscle tension, better digestion, improved sleep, reduction in strains and injuries especially sport, Those suffering from depression or anxiety also greatly benefit from massage. Does this sound compelling? At Nude Therapy we specialise in high quality massage tailored to your specific needs - come try a massage and find out for yourself. Let us know if you have any worries or concerns particularly if this is new to you, we are masters at making you relaxed and comfortable. Good massage therapeutic for both parties. A key part of this is that we use many different techniques including using body weight as this gently kneads the body into harmony without the stress and effort of arm strength.



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